Host advantage
Host advantage


1 ministerial appraisal

12 models have been certified by the Ministry of Agriculture

In 2009, the Agricultural Machinery Test and Identification Station of the Ministry of Agriculture identified four types of oils: YBS-B2, YBS-C1, YBS-E1 and YBS-G1 oil presses with national promotion qualifications. In 2013, eight new models of the new generation of oil-smelting integrated products were launched, and they were certified by the Ministry of Agriculture. While product diversity has been recognized by the market, sales have reached new heights. At present, the oil series oil press has repeatedly passed the rigorous review process of the Ministry of Agriculture, 12 types of models passed the identification of the Ministry of Agriculture, and 10 types of models have been approved by the ministerial level.

2 Safety Press GB Motor

Configuring independent electrical system and leakage protection device

The electrical system is isolated from the mechanical system and the design is more user-friendly. Especially equipped with leakage protection device, the operation is safer and more secure.


3 Technology Pilots Intelligent Self-Control

Intelligent automation integrated system

Infrared temperature control system, fully automated forced feeding device, oil storage thermostat box and other automated integrated systems, to achieve the ideal feeding, oil, and cake state, the operation is simpler, safer and smarter.


4 increase carburization depth increase wear resistance

Four season processing, widely applicable

The core components are made of high carbon steel and pressed by high frequency quenching. The hardness is high, the strength is high, the wear resistance is good, and the high temperature and high pressure continuous operation is adopted, which effectively prolongs the service life of the wearing parts and reduces the service life. User maintenance costs. According to the oil type, the temperature of the oil is automatically adjusted, which is not affected by the season and climate, and can be pressed all year round.

5 Simplify the running-in process

Equipment upgrade

The parts of the traditional oil press are processed by punching, and the rough surface of the machine has a burr that directly affects the pressing speed and the normal oil output, and requires a complicated running-in period. In response to this defect, the company introduced advanced equipment to make the press surface of various types of oil press parts molded at one time and automatically polished to improve the processing precision and smoothness of the press system. The running-in process is simplified.


6 Smelting integrated design

Squeeze synchronous oil quality standard

The integrated design of Dr. Oil's smelting can achieve simultaneous smelting. At the same time of pressing, the refining process such as dephosphorization and deacidification is completed. The original taste of the oil is clear and the color is clear. The pot can not be foamed and can be directly filled and sold.


7 5, 6 press

Multi-stage press, high oil yield

The squeezing process adopts the principle of multi-stage propulsion and progressive pressurization, and the squeezing is updated to the 5th and 6th-stage presses, causing a sensation in the industry. The press upgrade can quickly increase the pressure of the pressing, so that the oil is separated and cracked at one time. At the same time, the separation tank is provided in the pressing chamber, so that the oil and the cake can be quickly separated, the unit pressing time is shortened, the oil yield rate is improved, and the productivity benefit is obvious.


8 'Helical gear' design and application

Energy efficient and efficient

The core main engine gearbox adopts the 'helical gear' design, which effectively reduces the running noise, balances the output output torque, reduces the running load, makes the pressing power uniform, wear-resistant, and cost-effective.


9 computer lifting intelligent with pressing

Microcomputer control, no material automatic alarm, automatic suspend lifting, automatic cleaning of dust and impurities, one setting without manual inspection, automatic matching with lifting press.