Business model

New ideas for low-cost operation of 'squeezing oil mills'

The oil series oil press is easy to operate, easy to maintain, easy to maintain, and the product model is complete. It is a powerful helper for the oil doctor's oil mill!

1. Processing of incoming materials, serving urban and rural areas (suitable for rural areas)

The introduction of the oil doctor integrated oil press can better carry out processing and processing. Use the existing vacancy, you can start the business after purchase, in the vast rural areas, for the villagers to carry out processing; for each oil press, you can charge a certain processing fee by weight, or free oil, the oil cake as Processing fees, and then selling oil cakes, is also a good way to get rich, not only to help the villagers to eat good oil, but also earned processing fees.


2, the current squeeze is now selling consumer trends (suitable for the majority of cities, urban and rural towns open shop operations, etc.)

Put the oil doctor integrated oil press equipment in the city, township vegetable market, downtown area, supermarket door, non-food restaurant or residential gathering area and other places to press oil.

Now squeezed to sell consumer trends

Soybeans, sesame seeds, peanuts, rapeseed, oil sunflower and other raw materials can be used for customer on-site feeding and on-site oil extraction. All operations are completely transparent, on-site pressing and on-site sales. Such oils must be popular among users and consumers. It is easy to establish a word-of-mouth effect and the rate of return is very high.

Now squeezed, original flavor

Dr. Oil's integrated oil press presses oil, how much can be used, the amount is controlled by the consumer, and it is now used, maximizing the convenience of use and the preservation of taste. The extracted oil is fresh and hygienic, original and fragrant, and you can also purchase raw materials, carry out further processing, and then sell the oil.

One stop, convenient, high quality and low price

With the oil dredging integrated oil press, consumers only bear the cost of raw materials and processing costs, and the cost is greatly reduced.

Raw material control, healthy oil products

The quality of the oil is good and the raw materials are critical. Consumers can use their own raw materials to process oil, completely controlling the quality of edible oil from the source, and truly healthy.


3, do not lose farm life, make money at both ends (suitable for family oil workshop)

You can open a special storefront, or you can shop in front of the store, build a home-style oil mill, equipped with 1-2 'Dr. Oil' oil presses, start production of oil mills, store sales. 'Dr. Oil' oil press can adapt to local conditions, use local oil resources, and do not have to leave the country to go out to work, just buy an oil press at home, busy farming, farm work, oil, and money, both at the same time, no need to work hard outside When you make money in your hometown, enjoy the happy time with your family.


4. Set up an oil plant and scale operation (suitable for brand management or enterprise oil supply, etc.)

Dr. Oil has opened up a new era of non-franchise chains. Customers only need to explain the local economic situation, the consumption habits of local residents, the status of oil crops that are mainly planted, and the scope of the business. The sales manager and engineers of Dr. Oil can According to your local conditions, we will design and develop a personalized management plan for your oil plant to ensure that it can match the local consumption capacity and business model and achieve precise investment. Moreover, 'Dr. Oil' is strictly different from the traditional franchise mode of operation, and all of our services are free.

1 will design and install small and medium-sized grease processing plant production lines for operators;

2 Perfect after-sales service system, so that you have no worries.