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'Dr. Oil' oil mill to do peanut articles


Peanut is a legume crop and is one of the major oilseed oil varieties. It is now grown in various parts of China, mainly distributed in Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Jiangsu and other regions. Peanut is rich in oil and fat. The oil extracted from peanut crush is light yellow, transparent and pleasant. It is a high quality edible oil.

Most of the edible oils on the market are blended salad oils with low concentration, light weight and low price. These edible oils can not be compared with pure natural pressed oil. The pure natural pressed oil has high concentration, good taste and strong flavor. In fact, a bucket of pure natural pressed oil is equivalent to two barrels of salad oil. The operation of the oil mill, the start-up capital is small, the industry is simple, and there is no high demand for investors. It is a people's industry that everyone can invest in.

After seeing the rich advantages of local peanut resources in 2008, Master Nanyang of Henan Province purchased a set of “Dr. Oil” oil press and went back to the reprocessing business. Since the “Dr. Oil” oil press has obtained many national patent technologies and is promoted by the Ministry of Agriculture, it is a new product in the industry and a new product of high-capacity oil presses. Therefore, after the inspection, Master Li decided to purchase “Dr. Oil”. The oil press, and in less than three months of operation time, put the oil mill on the right track.

The people in Shili Ba Village know that Master Li’s oil is good, and they all gather in Master Li’s oil. The business is so busy every day. Master Li also jokingly said to the fellows, 'I grab their business, and there is no way. Who wants the people to come to me to press the oil here?' Nowadays, it has been operating for almost a year, every time the 'Dr. Oil' oil press customer service staff When making a return visit, it is generally reflected that the equipment is good and the oil filtering effect is good.

'Dr. Oil' Oil Mills do soy articles


Soybean is an annual herb native to China. It is a leguminous plant whose seeds are rich in protein. Speaking of soybeans, because of its high nutritional value, it is called 'the king of beans', 'the meat of the field', 'green milk', etc., is the most popular among the hundreds of natural foods advocated by nutritionists. . China's concentrated soybean production areas are in the Northeast Plain, Huanghuai Plain, Yangtze River Delta and Jianghan Plain. According to the characteristics of soybean varieties and farming systems, China's soybean production is divided into five main producing areas: spring soybean area dominated by the three northeastern provinces, summer soybean area of the Huanghuai River basin, spring and summer soybean areas of the Yangtze River basin, and southern provinces of the south of the Yangtze River. The soybean crop area in the autumn crop soybean area, Guangdong and Guangxi, and the southern soybean area in Yunnan, among which, the northeast spring sowing soybean and the Huanghuai sea summer sowing soybean are the two regions with the largest soybean planting area and the highest yield in China.

In addition to oil extraction, soybean has a very high protein content of soybean meal. It is the main raw material for feed concentrates in feed mills, farms and farmers. The market demand is huge, and the price is higher than soybeans; and soybean oil is popular. There is great prospect for starting an oil mill.

Master Wang of Heilongjiang is an old oil mill owner who has been engaged in oil extraction business for more than ten years. After seeing the 'Dr. Oil' propaganda materials, in order to expand production, they purchased two sets of 'Dr. Oil' oil press equipment. He said, 'I have introduced the 'Dr. Oil' new equipment and earned 70,000 yuan per year. 'This is because Dr. Oil' is specially designed for cold regions in the north, and can solve the defects that cannot be produced at low temperatures.

The old-fashioned oil press has a complicated process, high pressing cost, low oil yield, low profit margin, and little profit. The introduction of the 'Dr. Oil' new type of oil press is different. It is understood that this product is a pumping machine with more national patents, and it is also a product that the Ministry of Agriculture promotes and appraise, especially in the process of pressing and pressing. Comprehensive innovation and upgrade, 'helical gear' design, press level upgrade, 'Dr. Oil' oil press also uses infrared temperature control system, oil storage thermostat device, not subject to seasonal restrictions, wrong season processing and production is not delayed. Solved the drawbacks of the old-fashioned oil press can not be turned on and off. The oil yield is high, the soybean oil business is selling well, and the soybean meal business is not bad. The market price is high and the profit margin is large.

'Dr. Oil' Oil Mills do rapeseed articles


In China, Sichuan, Chongqing, Yunnan, Guizhou, Hubei, Hunan, Jiangxi, Anhui, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other regions, rapeseed planting area is large, annual output is high, oil processing industry has great potential, and large-scale cultivation of rapeseed has become the driving force. The main economic crop of the local rural economy. Rapeseed is very important in the lives of the people.

In the past, oil mills were mostly sideline oils, and they often started work after the fall. And now the oil mill is busy for a year! The use of rapeseed, peanuts, etc. as raw materials for oil extraction, the economic benefits are considerable.

In recent years, the sales of “Dr. Oil” oil press has been growing. According to incomplete statistics, the “Dr. Oil” oil press customer has covered more than 30 provinces and cities in the country. At the same time, it also made a group of entrepreneurs who first got rich by starting the oil mill.

For example: Mr. Zhao from Hunan, Mr. Chen from Anhui, Mr. Zhang from Guangxi, Mr. Xu from Henan, Mr. Liu from Jiangxi, and Mr. Liu from Jiangxi, the owner of the “Oil of Oil” oil mills, after hard work, the business of the oil mill was very prosperous. Due to the high-efficiency capacity advantage of the “Dr. Oil” oil press, it has almost monopolized the oil mill business with a radius of several tens of kilometers. Processing of raw materials, wholesale of refined oil, etc., profitable! They have become famous 'rich people' in the local area!

Facts have proved that due to the stable performance, high-efficiency pressing, fine filtration standard, and pure oil clearing of the “Dr. Oil” oil press equipment, many new and old users of “Dr. Oil” oil presses rely on the “Dr. Oil” oil press. , saving labor costs, saving energy and reducing consumption, reducing the cost of pressing, etc., coupled with personal business flexibility, hard work and other strengths, so that their reprocessing profit margins greatly improved, making a fortune naturally is not a problem.