market expectation

The No. 1 Document of the Central Government has been paying attention to the three rural areas for 13 consecutive years, and the policy of benefiting farmers has emerged endlessly. Through the policy of agricultural machinery subsidies, grain and oil direct subsidies, and supporting the development of oil crops and economic crops in the advantageous production areas, oil processing will become a basic national policy. The grain and oil market has great potential and the edible oil processing industry is booming.

In recent years, “melamine”, “clenbuterol”, “ditch oil”, “poison chopsticks”, “false wine” and “black lunch box” have emerged in an endless stream... As an ordinary person, how do we achieve scientific diet? Healthy eating? This is a tangled life in the lives of ordinary people. Maybe it may be related to 'eat' except for housing. How to eat clean and eat healthy?


Speaking of waste oil, many people feel very sick. The type of waste oil is the oil thrown away by the restaurant. It is the kind of oil that is made from the greasy floating material of the sewer or the leftovers and leftovers of the hotel and the restaurant (commonly known as drowning) through simple processing. The other is Inferior pork, pig offal, pigskin processing and oil from the refining. The third type is the oil used for deep-fried foods. It is reused after the number of uses exceeds the regulations, or it is reused after adding some new oil to it. Some trench oils are treated, we look It is clear and transparent, and this oil is more harmful.

Therefore, the people pay more and more attention to the health of the diet, especially for pure natural pressed, original edible oil. So in today's agricultural products market, you can see that 'green food' as an emerging industry has received extensive attention from various sectors of society and government. Labeled with “organic vegetables”, “organic meat”, “green food”, “green edible oil”... Faced with a wide range of bottled vegetable oils in supermarkets, more and more consumers choose safe, non-polluting and nutritious Rich 'pressing oil', now 'pressing oil' has become synonymous with 'healthy oil'.

Dr. Oil's oil press has been tested by the market for many years and is popular among local oil mills and ordinary people.

Not only earned wealth for them, but more importantly, they escort the health of one party!

The real “pressing oil” is produced by pure physical pressing and oil-making process, carefully selected, fermented, physically pressed, and finally produced by natural plant fiber filtration technology. This process retains the rich nutrition in the oil, no chemical solvent pollution, does not contain any chemical anti-corrosion antioxidants, to ensure the product's safety, purity, nutrition, delicious, in line with human health needs, suitable for long-term safe eating.