The "oil king" deep in the mountains

More than a decade ago, he went out of the mountains because of his hard work in college, and then returned to the embrace of Dashan because of the restructuring of the unit; he was Xiao Zhipeng, the manager of the oil mill chain company of Miyi County.



Xiao Zhipeng’s life path is full of hardships and bumps. Public officials, laid-off workers, and returning entrepreneurs have been honed by various roles. Now he has become a “Mi Yi Oil King” with four oil doctors’ oil mills. ... Xiao Zhipeng was born in 1976 in an ordinary peasant family in Miyi County. In 2000, he graduated from the Southwest Petroleum Institute and was admitted to the Miyi County Flour Mill. In 2009, due to the restructuring of the enterprise, he was laid off. After he was laid off, he also went out. However, due to lack of technology and experience, he has not been able to achieve better development. He is determined to return to his hometown to start a business. . By chance, he saw the propaganda materials of Dr. Oil's oil press in a friend's place. He was especially literate, and he saw that the health of the people is greatly improved. As the main ingredient of cooking, it is natural. The pressed vegetable oil is not soaked in any chemical preparations, and will become a popular green food in the future, and its market potential is huge.


Yes, opening an oil mill, starting a health industry is much safer than investing in other projects; thinking about it, the savvy Xiao Zhipeng has sniffed out a lot of business opportunities because Miyi and the surrounding counties and cities have always been The edible oil extracted by the old-fashioned oil extraction method has low quality and low oil yield. There is also a good harvest of rice rapeseed in Miyi County, which is very famous throughout Sichuan. In view of this, he immediately determined that the potential for the project of extracting edible oil mills is enormous. Therefore, he began to search for relevant information from TV, Internet and other channels. After comparison, he found that the “Dr. Oil” brand small and medium-sized oil press developed and produced by Beijing Global Tongchuang Technology Development Co., Ltd. is very suitable for himself, especially to see Dr. Oil is an appraisal product for the Ministry of Agriculture. It has a number of national patents and a high oil yield. It has more than 20 direct sales branches and more than 100 service outlets throughout the country. After subsidizing the company information, his heart was more practical. In March 2010, after Xiao Zhipeng compared several oil press manufacturers, he finally selected the global oil company Dr. YBS-B2 brand oil press and Related supporting facilities. After a few days of simple training, his oil doctor health oil workshop was officially opened.


“To be stronger and stronger in the healthy edible oil industry, you must have your own organization and have your own brand.” Past experience has provided a reference for his development. In the process of development, he insisted on the tenet of “creating brand and expanding market”, focusing on consumer satisfaction and aiming to bring people together to become rich. Shortly after the Spring Festival in 2011, he registered Dr. Miyi County Oil Refinery Chain Co., Ltd., and he also actively applied for QS certification, pollution-free, organic food certification.



Time flies, more than a year has passed, and his rice oil company Dr. Miyi County Oil Refinery Chain Co., Ltd. has made great improvements in all aspects, and the economic and social benefits have shown rapid growth. The surrounding areas are in short supply. More and more customers are coming to supply, and his production capacity has become a bottleneck. In September 2013, in order to alleviate the shortage of production capacity, he once again purchased several oil tanker YBS-Z380 brand oil presses and other supporting equipment from Beijing Global Tongchuang Chengdu Branch, and successively opened two oil doctors' oil mills. . His development goal is to pack the oil in 5 years and then open a vegetable oil supermarket with Dr. Oil, so that his oil doctor is now a medium-sized enterprise with annual sales income of 5 million yuan. .


It can be said that the land of western Sichuan shows its talents, and there is oil in the depths of the mountains. Born in Dashan and grew up in Dashan, Xiao Zhipeng, with his courage, courage, wisdom and hardworking hands, worked hard in the land of western Sichuan, making the freshly squeezed rapeseed oil deep in the mountains out of the mountains. We believe that under his leadership, the future of Miyi healthy vegetable oil development will be even better!