Career at home, visible success

Anhui Lu Boss

In Wuwei County, Anhui Province, he mentioned Lu Shanding, the owner of Dr. Oil Mill, which is almost exclusively known to women and children. He is determined, enterprising, and never loses. He has experienced repeated attempts on the road of entrepreneurship, failing again and again, and coming back from time to time. He has become more and more frustrated. He has steadily and vigorously swayed every entrepreneurial enterprise with solid steps. Beat, with hard and sweat to write all the way to flowers, applause and cheers.

Lu Shanding, who is in his 40s, has 20 years of business and entrepreneurship. Lu Shanding, a farmer from the outskirts of the county, was uneasy at sunrise and lived in the sunset. Just after the Spring Festival in 1994, he went to work in a toy factory in Guangzhou with his lover. Three years of working life made Lu Shanding soberly aware that he only worked. Income is far from changing the status quo and really getting rich. So they disregarded the dissuasion of the workers, and resolutely resigned from work at the end of 1997 and began to return home to start a business.


Everyone wants their lives to be colorful, and colorful life is woven with hardships and hardships. With the contacts and experience accumulated in Guangzhou, the couple started their entrepreneurial journey. During this period, they have done many projects: selling clothing, running rentals, farming, etc., but the results are always unsatisfactory. As the children grow up day by day, they will soon step into the society. The economic burden is no longer as heavy as in previous years. It is time to seek better projects to develop. At the end of 2013, the couple ended decisively. After the year of farming business, a new round of project inspections began...

It’s also very strange. It’s just that the couple’s choices for the project’s choices are untimely. A little common thing has made them discover a lot of business opportunities. Just a few days before the Lunar New Year’s Day in 2014, they’re at the relatives’ home. At the time, I accidentally saw the commercial advertisement of Dr. Oil's oil press on TV, which was deeply attracted by the relevant content inside, especially the national and social attention to the current dietary safety issues, and even strengthened their oil doctorate. The idea of a healthy oil mill. After many inquiries, he learned that Beijing Global Tongchuang is a professional oil press equipment manufacturer that develops and sells oil brand Dr. oil presses. After verifying various aspects, he dialed the customer service phone number of Dr. Oil Headquarters. It is required to go to the Beijing Oil Doctor's headquarters to inspect the products and listen to the suggestions on the construction and operation of the oil mill.


After a week-long investigation, Lu Shanding started with product quality, store support, after-sales supply, market analysis, etc., and found a satisfactory answer to the feasibility analysis of the entire project. He immediately signed the purchase of the oil dredger. The contract, then returned to Anhui Wuwei's hometown, and opened his own oil doctor's oil mill. Due to its stable equipment, good service and pure oil, the oil mill has been popular with many neighbors since its opening. Every day, people are coming and going, and the business is naturally very good...

Days have passed, and Lu Shanding, who has tasted the success of the oil mill, is not satisfied with the status quo. With his smart mind, good social network and excellent business skills, he won several nearby in September 2015. After the hotel and government agencies have fixed purchase rights for the canteen oil products, as the business is getting stronger every day, his production capacity is not enough, and he must expand the operation. After a short negotiation, he and his lover decided to purchase the oil tanker oil production line again. The full use of Beijing Global Tongchuang's 'Dr. Oil' oil mill trademark use rights, and the original not seen sesame oil processing project also operated. At this point, their couple's small edible oil 'Kingdom' has really been established...