Open the oil mill to earn the first pot of gold

Shandong boss

Ren Furui and his wife have been working in textile factories near home for more than three years. There is no money left. The elderly and children also need to take care of them. There are many places waiting for expenses. After investigation, he found that there were more peanut oils, and there was no oil mill near his home. The oil mills in other villages were very hot. After comparing several, he selected Dr. YBS-Z698 oil from Global Tongchuang. Machine, H-type oil filter and flat bottom electric heating single-layer frying machine.


After learning the operation method of the oil press, Ren Furui bought the machine back home. He carefully read the manual and video materials of the machine over and over again. If he didn't understand, he would call the service hotline of Global Tongchuang. Each time he answered each of his questions in detail. After a few operations, it became more and more skilled, and the machine was easy to operate and easy to use. In order to better publicize their own oil mill, Ren Furui printed 2,000 leaflets. Whenever the town was on the market, he sent it to the people who came to the market, and explained to the people that 'the soil oil is purer and the vision is true. Quality and quantity, eating healthier.' In this way, a hundred passes and a new customer. I and my wife are busy from the early morning to the night. Although they are hard, they are happy.


After operating for less than a year, Ren Furui earned the first pot of gold into the current edible oil processing industry, and his ideas are increasing. The business is getting better and better. He plans to re-enterate a larger frying equipment from Beijing Global Tongchuang and install a hoist. There is a coal mine near the oil mill, which is changed from electric frying to burning coal. The amount is larger and the cost is lower. He wants to open another store, chain operation, and increase visibility and credibility.

In his spare time, Ren Furui repeatedly watched the video materials in the CD-ROM of the 'Dr. Oil' oil press, constantly improving his machine use level and learning the management experience of other oil mills. Hardworking and hard work, down-to-earth, not afraid of suffering, Fury can not help but secretly fortunate that they have found the most suitable way for their own business.