Returning home to start a business as a boss


Hunan Peng Boss

In 1988, on the third day after the college entrance examination, Peng Xiaoming went to Guangdong with the friends of the same village. In 1990, Peng Xiaoming, 20 years old, had the privilege of entering a large-scale manufacturing enterprise with a grassroots party organization in Guangzhou. Smart, eager to learn and cultural, the business leaders gave him the opportunity to move closer to the party organization, let him participate in the training of the branch organization and submitted the application, and became the official party member in the third year.

Since he worked for more than 20 years, he has been working at the grassroots level and has worked in inspections. He has worked as a production monitor, production supervisor, and product engineer. When the career began to sound, he made a bold decision in March 2014 - returning home to start a business, this year, he is 44 years old.

Just do it. In May 2014, his first “Dr. Oil” economical edible oil production line was officially settled in the urban area of Changning City, Hunan Province. Through the professional training of the after-sales service personnel of the oil dredger, it was not a few days. The return home business trip opened the curtain...

With integrity management, customer-oriented corporate purposes and good service attitude and the people's gradual recognition of the current squeezed edible oil, his oil doctor health oil all the way along the way, this is not, he bought another two in 2015 Dr. Taiyou YBS-Z598 oil press has opened two oil oil mills in the urban area of Changning and Hengyang, and both of them are currently in a prosperous situation.

Although he has made small achievements in returning to his hometown, his pursuit has not stopped. In May 2014, Peng Xiaoming was elected as the secretary of the village branch in the election of the village committee in Changning. Nowadays, Peng Xiaoming's time is busy and fulfilling. He arranges the matters related to the oil mill every morning during the breakfast time. At other times, he is working in the village committee, usually busy until late. He said that how to lead the villagers to the road of becoming rich as soon as possible is his top priority, but he is confident and determined to build his own hometown, and will never let everyone down to his expectations and trust.... ..