Former Chinese Academy of Sciences, Expert of the PLA Missile Academy

Acting as a senior consultant for technical seniors and enterprises

The former expert of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the old expert technology center, Shi Zhanshan, and the former PLA Liberation Academy Fan Li, both of whom have played a major role in their respective fields, have deep knowledge in research and development, production, quality control and other aspects.

With the attention of two old experts, the company's research and development team is determined to make progress and achieve even success. The company has obtained a number of national patents for oil press series products, which makes the “Dr. Oil” series products have better performance, lower energy consumption, and continuous user praise. The original technical advantages of Dr. Oil have been strengthened and consolidated.



From 1960 to 1984, he was an engineer at the Chemical Industry and Chemical Industry Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

1984-1987, Chief Engineer of the Microelectronics Center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Established the Sanpower Research Institute in Zhongguancun from 1989 to 1991, and served as executive deputy director

Senior Consultant of the Management Committee of Zhongguancun Science Park from 1999 to 2000

From July 1st, 2006, he served as the deputy director of the old expert technology center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Selected as the 'Chinese Expert Dictionary' published in December 2000

Selected as the 'Chinese Outstanding Characters' published in 2003

Selected as the 'Celebrity of Outstanding Management Experts' published in May 2003

Selected as 'Republic of the People' published in October 2008

In August 2006, he served as a senior consultant of Beijing Global Tongchuang Company.




1965 Graduated from Department of Power Machinery, Tsinghua University

1980 Deputy Director, Department of Basic Teaching and Research, Shenyang Artillery Academy

1983 Deputy Director, Artillery Division, General Staff

1992 Associate Dean, PLA Army Missile Academy

1997 Executive Director of China Technology Market Association

Deputy Secretary General of Beijing Edison Inventors Association

Beijing Top Ten Technology Brokers, with a number of invention patents

In 2007, he served as a senior consultant of Beijing Global Tongchuang Company.