Company Profile

Beijing Global Tongchuang Technology Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 with a registered capital of 6 million yuan. It is an innovative technology enterprise that integrates R&D, production and sales of “Dr. Oil” oil press and provides supporting solutions.

At the beginning of the company's establishment, it has actively joined the 'China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association' and became a group member. After years of unremitting efforts, a number of oil brand products have been 'promoted and appraised by the Ministry of Agriculture.'

Dr. Oil's oil press is based on the 'aerospace spirit, military quality'. Product development and production follow the path of “from the masses to the masses”, and the actual needs of users lead our innovation direction. Under the leadership of Mr. Shi Zhanshan, the former expert technology center of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Professor Fan Li of the former PLA Army Missile Institute, the products are continuously enriched and the technology is continuously upgraded, and successively obtained a number of national patents.

The company's new scientific research results - Dr. Oil '5,6' oil presses have been listed one after another, and have been well received by users, which has attracted the attention of the industry.

In order to better serve users, the company has established more than 20 direct sales branches throughout the country. The “Leifeng” user service is spread all over the country and is ready to provide on-site service for users.

Numerous 'Dr. Oil' series products are running in a wider world, and weaving our own 'healthy dreams' and 'rich dreams' for countless users.

Looking to the future, Global Tongchuang will give back to users with better products and will support users with faster service.

On the road to prosperity, we walk hand in hand with you.