YBS-Z600 type extraction and integrated oil press (with blade type filter refining machine)
YBS-Z600 type extraction and integrated oil press (with blade type filter refining machine)




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Dr. Oil has been rooted in the market for many years and is in the heart of the needs of users. With technology as the core, depending on the quality of life, the company strives for excellence and is trusted and praised by customers.

Dr. Oil has a wide range of oil presses, full specifications and excellent prices to meet the different needs of consumers. Buy now, you can enjoy more preferential subsidies, welcome to inquire, purchase.


Oil doctor oil press advantages and characteristics

1. Stable and reliable performance

Dr. Oil has repeatedly obtained professional technical testing and appraisal from relevant departments, and has several national patent certificates and identification certificates from the Ministry of Agriculture.

2. National patent technology

Dr. Oil has an excellent expert technical team and won many national patents. The technology has been continuously updated and become the vane of China's oil press industry.

3. Pure physical pressing

The oil that is squeezed out is clear, the oil is pure, the original taste, and the oil is strong.

4. High oil yield

The 5th and 6th-stage press oil press developed by Dr. Oil has increased the length of the press, increased the pressure point, pressed thoroughly, and has a high oil yield. It won the gold medal of the 5th IEOE China Oil Expo.

5. Wide range of applications

It can be widely applied to the pressing of various oil crops such as peanut, soybean, rapeseed, oil sunflower, tea seed, flax seed, perilla seed, almond, walnut, sesame, corn germ and cottonseed.

6. Energy efficient

With more than 10 years of market validation, Dr. Oil's oil press has been well received by users. Its products have realized intelligent technology, adopting electronic automatic temperature control function, and energy saving and high efficiency.

7. Complete support

Dr. Oil's oil press provides complete technical support and a full range of machinery and equipment. It is an ideal choice for urban and rural oil mills and small and medium oil mills.

8. After sale is guaranteed

Dr. Oil has more than 20 oil press divisions throughout the country, adheres to the concept of all-weather after-sales service, creates a Lei Feng-style after-sales service system, and launches various brand services such as technology going to the countryside, five “1” service projects, and “Master Liu service”. Activities, providing professional and timely after-sales service, so that you can buy with confidence, with peace of mind.


Purchase instructions

Payment instructions

The user of the remittance purchase machine can prepay 50% of the purchase price, and we will deliver it to your nearest logistics station. After the inspection, the balance can be replenished to pick up the goods;

2. After-sales instructions

Dr. Oil provides Lei Feng-style comprehensive services for purchase users, and purchases one machine. The successful one is the target of after-sales service, free on-site installation, commissioning and training. Any purchase user will enjoy the warranty with a random “product quality warranty”. Long-term service for years and lifetime maintenance.

3. Gift description

Free use of registered trademarks, and free gifts: A, special tools; B, a set of spare parts; C, 'Dr. Oil' overalls; D, open a shop; E, technical training materials;

4. Accessories Description

Strong accessories guarantee that “Dr. Oil” has spare parts supply offices in more than 20 direct sales branches across the country, which can deliver accessories to your office in a timely and accurate manner;

5. Opening instructions

According to the needs of users, Dr. Oil can provide opening exhibition stands, work clothes and door heads, hanging flags, tool kits, etc. for customers in the store, and freely design related publicity materials for customers.

6. Price Description

The models of the equipment are the same and the price is different. Because the configuration of the refining system is different, the number of pressing stages is different, so the price is different;

7. Equipment Description

Due to the continuous upgrading of production processes and technologies, equipment appearance, color and technical parameters may be subject to change, please refer to the actual product;

8. Production Description

The yield and oil yield vary due to the difference in oil species and the quality of the oil in each oil production area and the different thickness requirements of the cake during oil extraction.

9. Processing volume description

The processing amount refers to the reference number of the raw material after pressing and steaming, and after two or three times pressing (for example, cold pressing), the processing amount is one-half of the value, and so on.


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