Dr. Oil Q&A

First, what is hair oil? What harm does hair oil have?

1. Hair oil refers to a primary oil that has been prepared from vegetable oils or animals and has not been processed. Because the preparation process is simple, the hair oil contains many impurities and is easily oxidized and deteriorated, so it is not suitable for long-term storage.

2. When the hair oil is heated during cooking, it has a lot of foam, odor, and soot, which obviously affects the smell and taste of the cooked food. It is easier to distinguish the oil. The oil is usually dark and dark, with poor transparency or even turbidity. After a long time, there is sediment or suspension.

(一), the oil press belongs to agricultural machinery products? Now that farmers buy home appliances, automobiles, and agricultural machinery products, the government has subsidized purchases. Is there any subsidy for purchasing the 'Dr. Oil' oil press?

1. In order to support and encourage farmers to get rich and improve their living standards, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the “Emergency Notice on Further Accelerating the Implementation of Agricultural Machinery Purchase Subsidy Policy”, and farmers can enjoy subsidies for purchasing oil press equipment.

2. As a agriculture-related enterprise, our company is centered on the vital interests of farmers. For those who purchase the “Dr. Oil” oil press, we all give subsidies to the purchase of agricultural machinery (see the list of subsidies).

(二), listen to our local oil press industry people say that oil must also pay attention to technology, I am a novice to enter, no experience, no technology, I can compete for others?

1. Those masters are right, oil is indeed about technology. Simply put, there are two elements to pressing oil: temperature and pressure. Because the old-fashioned oil presses are relatively backward machines, the temperature from the heat of the stir-fry to the temperature of the press is controlled by the experience of the people, and it is difficult for the novice to master.

2. Dr. Oil's oil press adopts double temperature control, 5 and 6 presses. Over the years, a group of skilled technicians have accumulated a wealth of pressing theory and practical experience. We will pass on the technical skills of the operation and the successful marketing experience to you, you will be able to master the operation technology and operate the oil flat business smoothly.