Purchase instructions

1. Our company has comprehensively promoted high-performance 5 and 6-stage presses, and the oil output rate is higher. Welcome to buy;

2. Dr. Oil Oil Press has been tested by professional technology and has many national patent certificates and certificates of appraisal by the Ministry of Agriculture;

3, the user of the remittance purchase machine can prepay 50% of the purchase price, we will ship it to your nearest logistics station, after the inspection, make up the balance to pick up the goods;

4. Dr. Oil provides Lei Feng-style comprehensive services for purchase users, free on-site installation, commissioning and training. Take the purchase of a family, a successful one as the overall goal of service work;

5. Come to our company to inspect the purchase users, free on-site trial operation, provide reference for your purchase;

6, strong accessories guarantee, 'Dr. Oil' has more than 20 direct sales divisions in the country have spare parts supply, can timely and accurately send accessories to your place;

7. Free use of registered trademarks;

8. According to the needs of users, we can provide opening exhibition stands, work clothes, door heads, hanging flags, tool kits, etc. for customers in store oil mills, and design relevant publicity materials for customers free of charge;

9, the equipment model is the same, the price is different (because of the different configuration of the filtration system, the number of pressing stages is different, so the price is different);

10. Due to the continuous upgrading of production technology and technology, the appearance, color and technical parameters of the equipment may change. Please refer to the actual product;

11. Due to the difference of oil species in different oil production areas and the difference in oil quality and the thickness requirements of the cake during oil extraction, the yield and oil yield have changed.