Lei Feng service


Our company deepens the connotation of 'Leifeng-style' service, and has carried out a variety of branding service activities such as 'five '1' service project' and 'Master Liu service' in product after-sales service, leaving customers with good service. impression. Dedicated to the customer's thoughtful and satisfactory service. Really fulfill the service promise of “safe operation, production and peace of mind” for purchase customers.


Brand service is more professional, more careful, more timely

In the market operation mode, the branding operation is deepened into every business link, and “branding service” is advocated. In 2008, “Liu Shifu Service” was established as a product after-sales service brand. The emphasis on “service” is the same as that of focusing on products. It goes deep into the market, establishes corporate brand image through brand service, and wins more consumers-to-business through brand service. Product selection and trust.


Quality and perfect service guarantee

At present, our company provides on-site service for each user. With the development and expansion of the market, we will continue to improve the service system and provide efficient and efficient on-site service to customers at any time.

Product qualified 1

Our company strictly abides by the national quality management system standards, strictly controls the quality from the steel quality, production process to the total loading warehouse. The production process strictly implements the “three inspections” system of self-inspection, sampling inspection and factory inspection. Each equipment is carried out. After the trial run reaches the standard, it is allowed to leave the factory.

Product 1 year warranty

All purchasers will enjoy a long-term service with one year warranty and lifetime maintenance based on the random “Product Quality Warranty”.

1 line service commitment

Our company has a professional and technical team with excellent skills and hard work, which is on the first line all the year round to provide efficient and efficient on-site service for customers.

1. Train 1-2 operation managers for you free of charge. 2, according to user needs, to provide you with a unified store design reference.

1 telephone supply accessory

With just one phone call (no need for the customer to come to the company in person), our company can deliver the accessories that customers need in a timely and accurate manner through a variety of logistics and express delivery channels.

1 free gift

A, special tools; B, a set of spare parts; C, 'Dr. Oil' overalls; D, open a shop;