Expo Gold Award

Congratulations to Dr. Oil's 5th and 6th squeeze oil presses

Won the gold medal of the 5th IEOE China International Edible Oil Industry Expo

Exhibition background:

IEOE China International Oil Expo is an industry brand event sponsored by the China National Cereals and Oils Association Oil and Fats Branch, China Nutrition Society, China Food and Packaging Machinery Industry Association and other industry authoritative organizations. It is the combination of supply and demand, industrial development and business of the entire edible oil industry. Platform.


Based on Beijing, the Expo relies on the huge advantages of the capital's leading economic effects and links China's huge sales market. It is the annual festival of China's edible oil industry. The conference consists of three parts: the center display area, the high-end edible oil display area, the grease machinery and the packaging machinery area. IEOE has always been at the forefront of the industry with large-scale, high-specification and high-efficiency, and has grown year by year. It has now become a national oil industry event.