Top 100 Oil Mills - Guizhou "Guzhen Xiang" (Dr. Oil) Oil Mill Development

When you mention Guizhou, you will think of the millennium sauce lemongrass that was born on the banks of the Chishui River. In the temperate climate, the “Guzhen Xiang” oil oil mill and the now-extracted oil products are also famous, with an annual output value of tens of millions of yuan, which has become a dazzling “new star” in the hearts of local people. Guizhou 'Guzhenxiang' (Dr. Oil) oil mill, according to local conditions, innovative development is the new benchmark for the new rural rapeseed oil processing economy. It has also become one of the top 100 oil mills in the “Oil Dr. Oil Mill”.


Now the oil mill business, large-scale processing, brand operation, targeting new channels, new breakthroughs in consumption. This is attributed to the wise decision to create Ms. Ding Mei, the female boss of the “Guzhen Xiang” brand oil presser.

In the pleasant climate of Yunnan and Guizhou, the crops are rich in growth. Located in Guiding County, Guizhou Province, it is known as the “Hometown of Rape”. The rapeseed cultivation here is the largest and most prolific rapeseed flower producing area in the province.

Ding Bo, a native of Guiding County, took advantage of the local cultivation of rapeseed and pondered the business of processing rapeseed. A few years ago, she worked in Guangzhou. In 2015, she returned to her hometown with a little savings for many years. With the intuition of crop processing prospects, like the status of Guizhou Moutai, a bold idea sprouted in her heart. She wants to take advantage of the unique advantages of local rapeseed cultivation and develop the “quality” road of oil processing. If the idea is clear, it will be unstoppable, and the direction will be fixed. She will act quickly. Opening an 'oil mill-type processing plant' gradually formed in her plan.

“Quality” is based on freshly pressed oil and press equipment. When she began to visit the local market, she learned that there are not many modern primary processing equipment for oil processing. So in the process of selecting what brand of new oil press equipment, I learned about the “Dr. Oil” brand oil press equipment in Beijing. It’s good, and the response is good. Its oil press has excellent quality, strong stability and good oil quality, and is one of the most famous brands in the industry. In order to start a good oil mill, she personally rushed to the oil company sales company to investigate. When I first saw Dr. Oil's oil press, the real workmanship, scientific design matching, after the salesman's several oil production rate, residual oil rate and other important indicators explained, the outstanding performance of the demonstration, put in a few Months of investigations into the fatigue of Lawton swept away, so that she had enough judgment. After a multi-faceted comparison, the satisfactory choice and cooperation with Dr. Oil did not hesitate to purchase the oil five- or six-stage press oil machine and started her entrepreneurial journey.

When you set foot in Guizhou, you will understand that the rape blossoms here may be the best gift from nature to the local area. It seems to be convinced that the delicious oil of the world is also displayed only through the oil mill.


Into the 'Guzhen Xiang' oil Dr. Oil Mill (factory) of Ding Boss, it is the freshly squeezed oil squeezed from a bucket of barrels, which will be picked up by the customers in the store in the morning. Every day is so busy, the oil is now sold to various towns and villages. Ding Boss carefully fled the oil for the customer, and now the oil product is like the 'girl' she dressed up to marry. The seriousness of dealing with anything is her consistent nature, and perhaps this is her extraordinary.

In the season when local rapeseed flowers fall into the seeds, it is the busiest time for her and the workers. Every day, the oil mills are all over the place, and the oil is continuously pumped day and night. The workers operate the oil press equipment in shifts, and the materials are automatically loaded and discharged. Oil, in one go. The squeeze workers work hard and happy oil, because busy, it is a happy thing for them. Ding Boss sells the oil that is being sold every day, and the income is tens of thousands of yuan. For everyone to start the oil mill, for everyone, this is a reward for their hard work.


In the era of popular consumption, the “original taste” is not only the new and old customers who advocate pure press oil, but also the chefs of various restaurants and restaurants who prefer it, the mellowness of the pressed oil, and All kinds of ingredients are perfectly integrated. Delicious and drunk buds.

Although our living standards have improved, the ancient wood and grinding oil mills are rare, but the current oil has never stopped. The mechanized processing and intelligent production of the 'Oil Dr. Oil Mill' has become a successor to inheriting tradition and staying in the past. By. Let the fresh, fragrant, natural and long-lasting oils of the present oils may be the most pure gift that nature has left us human beings.

Ding Boss, as a female entrepreneur, an ordinary laborer, her self-confidence, persistence, optimism, and peace of mind have made her development. High school culture, with the keenness of business, bravely stepped out of the first step of entrepreneurship, in the rapeseed oil processing industry to become bigger and stronger, not to follow the rules, dare to innovate breakthroughs. 'For the children, for the family, I have to do some business, and Dr. Oil has made me do more with less.' Ding Mei said. Although the process of her entrepreneurship is difficult, from the start of several people, to the current dozens of workers; from the beginning of the trial promotion, to the current orders. The “Guzhenxiang” brand, which she created, is now selling oil, selling dozens of local townships, markets, large and medium-sized catering enterprises, and even her current oil production has also touched the foreign market.


Do not let the eyebrows. The owner of Ding Mei, with her actual actions, made the industry of the oil mills shine. Hey! After the fall, she was busy buying a large amount of rapeseed oil, stocking the winter squeeze and welcoming the Spring Festival season. Ding Mei’s boss has a well-thought-out discourse and is deeply impressed. We say that when letting the local people enjoy the healthy food of freshly squeezed oil, the most thankful are those who have made the table delicious through labor and wisdom.

Entrepreneurs are the most beautiful, and female entrepreneurs are more beautiful.

I wish the Ding Zong's ancient town incense' (Dr. Oil) oil mill to create a more beautiful half-day!