“Everything for the Peasants” – written on the occasion of the “Best Oil Market of the 5th and 6th P

As an agriculture-related service company, it often deals with farmers' customers; as a professional equipment manufacturer of oil presses and oil crops, it works closely with the products that farmers need; as a member of the 'Dr. Oil' company, regardless of production or sales The first line of services, the vast majority of employees from rural areas, have a natural affinity for farmers customers at work, full of affectionate service investment, in exchange for the unanimous approval of the majority of customers on the oil doctor products.

“一切为了农民” ——写在“油博士五、六级压榨技术榨油机畅销市场”之际

Today, Dr. Oil is the brilliance of thousands of farmers and friends! The “Oil Dr. Oil Mill”, which is spread all over the river, is also the emotional destination of Dr. Oil’s consistent insistence on “all for the farmers”.

Looking back at the 'Dr. Oil' technology research and development process, from the breakthrough of the third and fourth level pressing patent technology, to the fifth and sixth level patent press technology key upgrade and its affiliated portable continuous refiner, microcomputer oil residue automatic separation continuous refining machine and other equipment Supporting follow-up, after hundreds of test verifications, reliability presses, and the passage of a number of technical standard patents, see the quality in the subtleties, and see the key indicators such as the core 'oil rate, residual oil rate'. With the heart of the craftsman, strict control of each process is a high standard. Dr. Oil insisted on the ingenuity of “searing a sword for ten years, testing for the first time”, “for a long time” and “taking a long time to learn”. Recognizing the high position of the press technology, until now, we have mastered the mature upgrade technology of modern oil presses, and continue to develop the products representing Dr. Oil on the basis of the follow-up, 'Dr. Oil automatic circulation type hot and cold press, oil doctor The market of the automatic assembly line integrated oil press has received enthusiastic response and won the gold medal of the 5th IEOE China International Edible Oil Industry Expo.

Dr. Oil's core technology development is based on trends and focuses on three points: consumer groups, bottlenecks, and dedication to the front end! Formed in the competition to show technological advantages, quality advantages!

“一切为了农民” ——写在“油博士五、六级压榨技术榨油机畅销市场”之际

“一切为了农民” ——写在“油博士五、六级压榨技术榨油机畅销市场”之际

'Thousands of thousands of miles have been hard, and they have started to go to gold.'

Remember the master Ge from the oil mill in Hetian County, Xinjiang? At the age of 20, he lived in the place where Pingsha was in the yellow sky. It was 'poor' to force him to start a business. He began to pay attention to suitable business projects under the pressure of life. Under the social background of reform and opening up, the 45-year-old Master Ge decided to join the press oil industry and open the oil mill. From the early stage of chasing customers to the customer to chase after his oil mill to buy oil, after persisting in efforts, even he did not expect that every day squeezed thousands of pounds of pressed oil, grabbed empty. Now the oil mill is getting more and more prosperous, and the pressing oil processing is busy every day. Let his heart be extremely excited, which confirms that his entrepreneurial choice is correct. He said: 'The oil five- or six-stage oil press gives me an obvious competitive advantage in the market, making my business easier.'

In the 'Dr. Oil' oil mill in Yunnan, Master Wen, hey! A bucket of clear pressed oil exudes a scent of oil, and Dr. Oil's oil press 'squats' and looks like a leisurely look, as if to say: 'I don't feel tired when I work continuously, only for the farmer's uncle.' Dr.'s excellent oil-pressing effect seems to soothe the vicissitudes of the master. With this 'Dr. Oil' oil press that makes him proud, the master is often smiling and full of enthusiasm, happiness has a head.

And Dr. Li, the oil doctor of Kunming, Kunming, Yunnan, here, through the sale of the current oil, achieved an annual profit of more than 5 million yuan. He took the brand operation and combined the ideas of the e-commerce platform to package the green pressed oil and sent it to all parts of the country. The opening of this oil Dr. Oil Mill business is the decision he decided to do when he returned from Guangzhou. After a day of product delivery, he used to have a drink. 'There is an advantage in doing oil workshops in your hometown. Nowadays, big cities like non-polluting, non-added pure natural oil,' he said. “The oil mill is really making money, and it’s okay to make money every year.”

“It’s such a big business opportunity to keep it around. Oil processing can now sell several times more profit than raw materials.” Zhou, a 53-year-old, said that now, his son’s “Oil Dr. Oil Mill” is in The locality has become a township and village enterprise that cannot be ignored. It processes tens of thousands of kilograms of oil crops per year, and the output value benefits are tens of millions of yuan.

“一切为了农民” ——写在“油博士五、六级压榨技术榨油机畅销市场”之际
“一切为了农民” ——写在“油博士五、六级压榨技术榨油机畅销市场”之际

Say a thousand, 10,000, oil is the key to making money

We said that the country's strategy of 'revitalizing the countryside' will surely benefit the future development of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, and become a hot spot for the industry.

The space for peasants to develop, whether vertical or horizontal, is an unprecedented opportunity. In the oil-pressing workshop of Dr. Oil in Yongding County, Fujian Province, Mr. Jiang’s lush, wild mountain tea forest is his “treasure bowl”. Five years ago, he contracted the valley and planted camellia trees, with the aim of self-processing camellia oil. Mr. Jiang, a peasant-born, although he did not see much knowledge, he understands that rural wealth is inseparable from local resources. The processing of local oil crops into freshly pressed oil is something that Mr. Jiang has long considered. In less than one year, Mr. Jiang’s “Oil Dr. Oil Mill” was well-managed and sold tea oil through processing. Not only did he quickly recover the cost of the oil press equipment he invested, he also earned more than 100,000 yuan. The market decides the direction. The current oil pressing trend has become the hottest choice for getting rich.

Under the current entrepreneurial advantages, it also attracts Russian customers such as Sergei, South Korean businessman Mr. Jin and other international customers to visit the oil dredger, and is happy to purchase. Dr. Oil's oil mill has already been opened abroad. The pure fragrance of purely pressed oil is very popular among foreign friends. They all said: 'Great, Dr. Oil.'

“一切为了农民” ——写在“油博士五、六级压榨技术榨油机畅销市场”之际

The author deeply feels that in the current booming era, he will benefit more than the farmers. From the 'full grain warehouse', to the current development of local conditions to develop, to eat and drink to a well-off, to the oil mill to start 'health-based.' Through the self-operated oil mill, the sale of the oil is actually making money. Along with the spring breeze of reform and opening up, the house has been overturned, and every family has bought a car. Every farmer who has benefited from the prosperity of the new era will be proud of the entrepreneurship of the times!

“一切为了农民” ——写在“油博士五、六级压榨技术榨油机畅销市场”之际

Thousands of sails, hundreds of battles

Entering Ding Boss's oil mill in Guizhou, this is an entrepreneurial woman who is not afraid of the eyebrows. It is also the beneficiary of reform and opening up. She took advantage of the local cultivation of rapeseed and decided to return home. Take the road of “quality” in oil processing. She quickly took action and started the “Oil Dr. Oil Mill”. In the season when local rapeseed flowers fall into the seeds, it is the busiest time for her and the workers. Every day, the oil mills are all over the place, and the oil is continuously pumped day and night. The workers operate the oil press equipment in shifts, and the materials are automatically loaded and discharged. Oil, in one go. The squeeze workers work hard and happy oil, because busy, it is a happy thing for them. Ding Boss’s “Guzhen Xiang” (Dr. Oil), which is sold every day, is now oil-pressed, with a revenue of 10,000 yuan. For everyone to start the oil mill, this is a reward for their hard work.

'Flowers open the butterfly'. Dr. Oil is now pressing oil, which has sprung up in the local area as a “delicious” reputation, attracting customers to become oil consumers. We say that 'competitive equipment products can only have a place in the market.'

Once, the hard days that have passed are gone forever. And now everyone is pursuing happiness and walking on the road to happiness.

At the moment, the hot oil mill, the 'hot' in the present and the future, a farmer friend from all over the country who started the oil mill, and many foreign buyers who have come here to write, fight the battlefield, endless struggle Hua Zhang.