Welcome to the Double Festival, "Dr. Oil" gives you the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day blessin

Mid-Autumn Festival night reunion, looking forward to wearing the autumn water hope to return, the wandering Angelica must return, Dr. Oil called you to go home!


The majority of customers and friends:

The moon is full of good fortune and deep feelings.

It’s just a year of Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. The “Dr. Oil” people will send greetings and heartfelt wishes to the customers and families of the society who have long supported the development of Dr. Oil.

In the big family of Dr. Oil, we have met many excellent doctors of oil: 'The story of Henan Shangqiu Qin Ruizhi's eldest sister is not willing to be poor, 'taking a husband to start a business'; Ningxia Guyuan's big brother loves the native land, returning to the hometown of Kaixiangfang Xingye's deeds; Russia Uncle Sergei came to China to purchase the machine, so that Dr. Oil's oil mill became a symbol of Sino-Russian friendship; the old branch of the Aohan Banner in Inner Mongolia was a song of 'The Prairie Oil Mill'; the big brother of Tianshui, Gansu, added value to the oil mill A model of income...'




On the surface, it is seemingly plain and unpredictable to buy ordinary oil business like the oil press to open the oil mill. In fact, every oil doctor customer has an extraordinary story behind it, sometimes weeping in the rain and awe. That is, the owners of the oil shop have a heavy 'family feelings'. The process of starting a fire-fighting workshop reveals the love for children, wives, husbands, parents, and families. It is a support for the country's policy of supporting agriculture and supporting agriculture, and it is also an incomparable attachment to the local community. 'The feelings of the home country' is reflected in the emotions of the two festivals. It is a meal, a pair of chopsticks, and a visit to the home. 'Dr. Oil' oil mill, witnessing the happy moments of time and time, started the oil mill, earned Money, out of poverty, has fixed countless long-lost happy smiles.



Feelings of the heart, Yongyafu.

We said that the 'Mid-Autumn Festival' has a deep affection for the full moon. It is rare when the family is reunited; 'National Day feelings', a deep pray for the prosperity of the world and a good life, it is valuable that life is not struggling. ;

Dr. Oil’s “sentimental feelings” is the company’s precepts that are rooted in the minds of Dr. Oil’s “all for the peasants”. With this unremitting pursuit, more than a dozen interpretations of “Dr. Oil” have established the heart of the industry and formed today’s “great virtue, dedication, The enterprise of innovation, enterprising and honesty is fundamentally sentimental.

A company with feelings is responsible, a strong service, and a guarantee of efficiency. In the future, 'Dr. Oil' will continue to follow the heart of the heart, and will be proud of it. In the precise poverty alleviation, farmers' prosperity, rural revitalization, agricultural and sideline industry upgrading, precision docking, enterprises to bring households, industry to agriculture, high-quality oil press equipment, leading the oil processing industry economy highlights, truly become the farmers and farmers A good helper to get rich.


Looking at a bright moon, listening to a caring, knowing a match,

Grateful all the way, you are by your side;

Once again, I wish you all a happy Easter! Happy family!

Dr. Oil Oil Press All employees

September 24, 2018