Only do not forget the beginning of the heart, only the innovator wins - Dr. Oil, the people's livel


'I bought Dr. Oil!'

'I bought Dr. Oil!'

'Inspected a circle, I still chose Dr. Oil!'

“The value for money, Dr. Oil press, is deserved.”

'I am very satisfied with the service of Dr. Oil.'

'Dr. Oil press, I want to say that competitive is the oil rate.'

“The oil sales manager is good. After buying the machine, we became friends.”




With so many customers, we choose to buy the oil brand oil press, and the customer prefers the oil pumper as the equipment of choice for the oil mill. How to choose? Have their own criteria for judgment. We often say, 'Even if the sale is not successful, the righteousness is in'; 'One point for the price'. Comparison can tell the pros and cons. As a business enterprise, the brand that always puts the customer in the heart can be stable and far-reaching.

During the visit to the market, I will unconsciously talk with dozens of old customers who have chosen Dr. Oil. When I asked about the operation of the oil mill, the original intention of purchasing the oil pumper was that their answers were simple and straightforward, and they were simple. The above-mentioned various types of answers, the customers generally boast down to boast that 'Doctor Oil is good!' The customers who use the most have the right to speak! This made me realize the great power and display of the brand value of the product in the 'people's reputation'. Let me not ban my heart and think about the shiny three-character 'Dr. Oil' nameplate in front of this large oil press, forming the power support of the brand all the way and the initial emotional resonance of Dr. Oil with more than a dozen 'heart-building machines' .

The word 'oil-bo-shi' is the brand name of Dr. Oil's oil press. Since the establishment of the industry, it has condensed the beliefs and sustenance of entrepreneurs who pursue products to the highest level.

From the unnamed, silent and hard-working people, to the “bovine products” that are well-known and praised by customers in the oil mill equipment industry. During this period, there are many supporters behind the oil press products. Word of mouth. After all, it is extremely important to do a good job of pressing oil mills. Pressing the oil press is extremely important. It is not enough to say what kind of oil press is to be defeated.

Let us look at the value of the identity of a 'Dr. Oil' oil press, which gives you an entrepreneurial guarantee.

CCTV-7 Agricultural Channel assured the promotion of agricultural machinery brands; the recognition of more than 20 national patents; the support of “Leifeng” gold medal service; the affirmation of the Ministry of Agriculture's promotion and appraisal; the oil doctor's 5th and 6th squeeze oil press won the first The gold medal of the 5th IEOE China International Edible Oil Industry Expo won the award;

The recognition of these honors not listed one by one is the recognition of the customers. The insistence of Dr. Oil’s initial heart is even more inevitable for innovation to win.

In the face of market disorder and chaos, in the 'double creation' environment, we think about how to enable more returning entrepreneurs to start their business for the first time without losing their confidence due to lack of equipment. 'Win' is in the first place, 'winning' in the start. Only the technical team will solve the crushing technology bottlenecks and problems again and again; will the oil doctor set the service standard, strengthen the guidance and support in each purchase and service, and give the door to many customers when installing the service, oil The Ph.D. technicians are committed to the church; they will be tailored to the customer's actual situation, not to buy expensive, only to find the right standard of hospitality.




I understand why many customers choose the doctor of oil:

1. Dr. Oil has a full range of products to meet different oil mills.

The company has developed an automatic integrated line-type oil press for oil five- or six-stage press and squeezing, and dozens of models for its purchase.

2, low carbon environmental protection, strict quality control

Respond to low-carbon environmental protection requirements, save energy and electricity, save time and effort, upgrade the core technology, and “three strict three controls” to shut down the factory, not letting one unqualified equipment go offline.

3, three-dimensional mode, all-round core

Responsibility for the customer is responsible for the market and is responsible for the service team. We conduct multi-skills training for first-line sales and service personnel, open an information communication mechanism, and carry out a three-dimensional model of customer service to lay a solid foundation for the rapid development of the brand.

4, to create a network + livelihood services

Continuous quality upgrade, service upgrade, intelligent application, after-sales service, brand interconnection + community construction. Introduce the advantages of “intelligent, interconnected and self-control” of each oil press equipment, and design ideas for the absolute frontier equipment of the industry.

5, Dr. Oil pursues high quality, not defective products

Regular comprehensive review and self-examination, inspection, and mutual inspection, focusing on the feedback of customer use, immediately rectify the measures. Establish a user information management system, improve terminal service support capabilities, and achieve a service-oriented management philosophy to achieve sustainable brand value, high value products, and high value service strategies.

6, away from the price war, do not fight the price

Only the initial heart is unchanged, focus on quality upgrades, and the equipment created by the special research can stand the principle of market inspection. Dr. Oil only provides quality products that “win the word of mouth”.

7. Focus on innovation and development

The main selling equipment of Dr. Oil's 5th and 6th-level press oil presses once again confirms the product standard as the criterion, and makes refined products, improves oil production efficiency, improves processing volume and lasting quality, maintains absolute superiority, and shares thinking with people's livelihood. The symbiosis of the linked market and the continuous growth and substantial upgrading of the oil press equipment are fundamental to the pursuit of Dr. Oil.

8. The current oil doctor only does one thing.

Everything for the farmers. Hey! Up and down, training, study, special research, do a good job in each oil press equipment, for the people to eat for the day, for the entrepreneurial struggle of the people's livelihood, is something we will always be obsessed.

From the end of the text, this is Dr. Oil. I have never heard of it or have heard it before. Bring you a different surprise!