Come on! "Oil" industry, let the people get a "bull"

One day at the end of July, in the oil mill of Master Peng, several neighboring villagers who came to learn to experience the experience of oil mills were ushered in.

“How do you manage the oil mills? How do you have a good idea?” Zhou’s big brother in the neighboring village looked at the oil press in front of him and joked.


The village where Master Peng is located is located in the Taihang Mountain area. Here, “10 years and nine droughts”, the lack of water makes the field harvest here often unacceptable. The local people are in poverty and the per capita annual income is less than 800 yuan.

Nowadays, under the leadership of Master Peng, the income of the villagers has gradually increased a lot. The village has the “living water” to get rich, and relying on God to solve the big problem of rural development.

Three years ago, once Master Peng went out to work, before the county town saw a signboard for the 'Dr. Oil Press', the crowd was incited and he was attracted and stopped to watch.

'Boss, give me a pot of rapeseed oil', 'Well, fill it up'..., customers who buy freshly squeezed oil have long queues, the oil pressing business is very hot, full house oily, full of street lane. 'This pure press oil is selling well, not for sale.' The store owner was sweating and said with a smile.

Perhaps it is the peasant's intuition, just like the love of planting crops, it has a special liking for oil mills. The working scene of the current oil press is a true portrayal of the self-improvement of the workers. The inspired Peng master returned to the village and decided to open such an oil mill.


He specializes in 'the mountainous squeezing oil' and sells it to the city people who come to the mountains to play. The oil mill has been operating for more than half a year and has recovered the oil press equipment. At this time, Master Peng did not have to blame for money, no longer struggling with poverty, replaced by his ambition and confidence in the beautiful rural life, the oil mill business opened his mind and vision.

In the rural areas like Master Peng, the oil mill relies on processing oil crops to form a wealth-producing industry and drive farmers to continue to increase their income. After earning money, the wells and the canals are used to guide the springs, to conserve the ecology, and the characteristic 'oil' industry has become the 'live water' of the people who have lived a good life!

Master Peng recalled that he had to open an oil mill. He also thought about it for a few days. He repeatedly pondered for several days. From the beginning, he was full of doubts. Seeing the truth in the county town, the operation of the oil mill made him feel excited. Can he do it? How is the sales? Which one is better for the oil press? Through active understanding and seeking a professional oil press equipment factory, I finally decided to reach a purchase agreement with Dr. Oil. Dr. Oil's one-on-one door installation and commissioning service was in place to guide the operation, so that Master Peng did not have any worries. On the day of the opening of Dr. Oil Press, Master Peng was beaming. He humbly learned to squeeze experience and technology, combined with the advantages of local economic development, and took his own path of getting rich. The opening of the oil mill also made the quiet village become lively due to oil extraction.

The folks became the old patrons of Master Peng, who launched the villagers to sell the oil. With the guidance and help of Master Peng, the villagers mastered the selling points of the original oil and formed a unified and representative farm. By-product brand, opened up sales.


In this way, after the opening of Master Peng’s oil mill, the village took the “oil” industry. The villagers said with deep feelings: 'The biggest change in our village is that Lao Peng brought a good head. The village has embarked on a new path of enriching the people's industry and changed the face of 'poor'.'

Come on! 'Oil' industry, let the people get a 'bull'

At present, the 'Dr. Oil' oil mill, on the road of beautiful rural construction, actively plays the role of the agricultural and sideline industry poverty alleviation belt, can be more peasant brothers like Master Peng, so that the people's days are no longer poor, well-off days 'stand up.