Beautiful country, charming oil mill, painted green poverty alleviation blueprint

Master Yao, an ordinary farmer in the suburbs of Putian, Fujian, earned a living in the city, worked as a construction worker, a street shop service worker, a transport worker, a waterman, a truck driver, etc. He has been working odd jobs for others for many years. “Farmers entering the city” has become a microcosm of the urban and rural development era. The life role of “semi-worker and semi-agricultural” and the lifestyle of “working to work” are based on the income of “work” and “farm farming”, which is what we call “migrant workers”. Nowadays, there are more and more migrant workers who want to do their own work. The group we call “start-up migrant workers” is gradually growing.


In the countryside, it is hoped that farming will not be able to get rid of poverty, and it must be driven by rich peasant industries. The grain and oil crops planted by farmers have low purchase prices, and farmers are still poor in farming. In the end of the year, I have to work hard and work hard, and I can only stay in the solution to food and clothing, and I am still far from being well-off.

Master Yao is determined to change the farmer's farming or poverty, and change the actual situation of half-work and semi-agriculture still not rich. An accidental opportunity, when Master Yao said the status quo of the peasants, the grain and oil crops planted by the peasants, through the middle layer operation of the middlemen, the initial processing, the fine processing, the brand packaging, and then into the Shangchao market, a barrel of 5 liters. The salad oil will be sold for nearly a hundred dollars. The people in these links earned a lot of money, but the income of the only farmers was still in place. The oil crops sold by our farmers are also a few yuan. As prices continue to rise, and crop prices have barely risen, which has made his peasant very sad, farmers are the hardest, but they can't earn any money, and farmers are still poor. At that time, he was thinking, why did our peasants not come directly to deep processing?


With a strong plot of nostalgia and a peasant's responsibility, he decided to leave the city and abandon the idea of only choosing to work in the city. Master Yao, who has long been well-rounded, has to go straight to turn the crops of the field into the path of enrichment of agricultural products. There is no intermediate link, so that farmers can really get benefits. Through the further understanding of the rural crop processing market, “Dr. Oil Press” has deeply attracted him. By purchasing a set of oil crop processing equipment to press the oil, the original oil is freshly listed in the hands of Master Yao. He and the villagers jointly established a 'green processing cooperative', and the oil mill became a new means for the villagers to become rich together. Every day, while purchasing a large number of oil crops in the village, the raw oil is processed. Because there are a lot of links in the middle, it is really beneficial to farmers. The farmers said: 'When you don't want to sell oil to oil sellers at low prices, you will squeeze out the oil for sale.' Master Yao's oil mill meets the current demand for green products and allows local farmers to earn more with him. A lot of money.


The rise of oil-and-oil mills in rural areas is focused on the quality of oil crops. The pressed oil is fresh and mellow, without adding any additives to ensure the authenticity of the original. To this end, Dr. Oil has solved the upgrading obstacles in the processing of mechanization of rural oil processing from the technical aspects of the five- or six-stage oil press pressing process, and further improved the oil production rate while increasing the processing volume. According to the different consumers in the current market demand, Dr. Oil constantly innovates the application of advanced technology in the field of oil processing machinery and equipment, and makes the oil press processing machinery products led by Dr. Oil Oil Press, which realizes complete varieties, mechanization, automation and assembly line. The degree of processing is very high and is highly recognized by users of oil mills.

Today, rural development, industry first. Taking advantage of the beautiful natural resources of the country, in the air fragrance, attracting many city residents to come to visit and sightseeing, just like the oil mill of Master Yao, the pressed oil as a representative characteristic agricultural product has already been popular in urban and rural areas.

Master Yao, with profound insight as the peasant's situation, and solving the problems of his own development with the wisdom of the peasants, is very rare. It also solved the problem of “how to go” for thousands of peasant brothers.


The operation of the oil mill was started and the rural economy was invigorated. As a rural poverty alleviation industry, taking advantage of local agricultural product crop resources and geographical advantages, and taking market demand as the starting point, through the technical advantages of Dr. Oil Press, boldly carry out oil processing of oil crops to achieve quality, convenience and health of life quality. Sexual and nutritious green ecological needs.

We said that Master Yao successfully established a local oil mill in the township to make a fuss. Practice to change the new ideas of peasants to increase their income, from the past 'run out' to the present 'go back', this is the firm confidence of Yao Shifu, such a visionary peasant, for entrepreneurship, and more like the 'Dr. Oil' oil press equipment Enterprises continue to pay attention to the three rural areas, farmers are no longer embarrassed to make a fortune, and the days have a bigger head.

In the next few years, one village and one oil mill, the “Thousands of County Wanxiang Oil Mill” plan will draw a new blueprint for a more visionary and courageous entrepreneurial green development.