The Gospel of Poverty Alleviation: "Dr. Oil Mill"

In many times, we talked about poverty alleviation, demanding that we work hard and work hard, and the word 'getting rid of poverty and tackling the hardship' has become a concern of the whole society. The focus of the three farmers is on the road. As the lyrics sang, 'No one can succeed casually.' In the moment, simple, kind, hardworking, tens of thousands of peasants, and bravely starting a business, is the 'true hero' of this era.


Master Zheng, the peasant of the ancestors. In the rural areas where they live, the natural endowment is poor, the villagers' income is meager, and the whole village is mostly poor households. Barren land, relying on the heavens, rural areas without industry, the pockets of farmers will not drum. In addition to planting some rations, the local people in order to increase their income, some develop family side businesses, plant fruit trees, economic crops, aquaculture, rice, noodles, and oil processing industries. Master Zheng chose the oil processing industry to use the oil crops planted in the countryside to process and press the edible oil and sell the pressed oil to the table of the people. Because of the pressing of edible oil, original flavor, nutritious health, and wide market sales, he managed the “side business” into a “main business”, and through the operation of “Dr. Oil Oil Mill”, he stabilized and continuously increased family income, relied on his own entrepreneurship and escaped poverty. Get rich.

The oil extraction processing industry in the emerging rich peasant industry is booming in rural areas. As we all know, pressing oil is a life tradition, and the real formation of economic industry should be the transformation of pressing oil mechanization. 'The ancient law squeezes' is about craftsmanship and cultural inheritance; while 'mechanized' crushing is the innovative economic strength and the bright sword of 'really out of poverty.' The key to distinguishing oily oil mills from similar oil mill products lies in two indicators, which is also the key to purchasing high-quality oil presses:

1. The oil yield of Dr. Oil's oil press is 25% higher than that of similar oil pump equipment of the same type in the market. What is the concept? Generally speaking, the oil is processed into edible oil, which will not be short of two pounds, and the output ratio is high. The oil mill owner and the oil processing households directly benefit each other. Dr. Oil's technical core is the mastery of innovative technologies that benefit from the development of “five and six-stage pressing technology” and obtained national patent protection.

2. The introduction of the “automatic assembly line integrated oil press” equipment, which is mechanized by Dr. Oil, realizes the processing capacity of mechanical large-scale oil processing plants, and becomes an industrial incubator for rural entrepreneurship, driving the increase of oil crop planting output and driving the pressing oil. Market demand for processing and sales. We say that the industries of rural industrial development, rural economic cooperatives, farmed farms, rice oil processing, and leisure rural tourism are the kinetic energy of the peasant brothers returning to their hometowns. The oil processing industry is an inevitable trend to meet the needs of urban and rural residents for the quality of life of healthy edible oils. (The spread of waste oil under the social environment and the strong blow of the country, the high incidence of various cancers caused by social natural environmental pollution. Rate, etc.) is also the right choice to seize the national supply side economic signals and coordinated development.


The wheels of the times are rolling forward. Nothing can stop the respectable peasant friends from getting rid of the will and footsteps of poverty. Once because of the low income in the land, in the corner of the city, construction sites, back streets, food stalls, takeaway brothers, fruit and vegetable market, etc., left their silent work, and strive to create a better life. Nowadays, under the favorable policies of the country, they have returned to their hometowns to start their own businesses, and they have not left their teams. In the vast fields of the countryside, they are fighting for poverty.

Master Zheng’s life is like this. He is working odd-handed outside, and he can’t make ends meet in a year. The days are tight.

The idea of wanting to start a business has never been eliminated. He is optimistic about the oil mill business of oil crop processing edible oil, and realizes that business opportunities are coming! I made up my mind to borrow tens of thousands of yuan from friends and relatives, and purchased the new five- or six-stage pressing oil professional equipment for the 'Dr. Oil' oil press. 'Dr. Oil is a brand equipment, I am assured of buying it, the quality is guaranteed, and the pressing is still advanced.' Master Zheng continued: 'We have a lot of domestic oil presses, but there are not many oil presses of the brand. Oil Dr. Oil Press Almost everywhere in the country, I have a bottom in my heart.'


In the early morning of the morning when the chickens reminded him and the birds were screaming, Master Zheng and his lover started a day of pressing oil processing. The oil mill has been in operation for more than three years. Last year, he expanded his scale to purchase a new oil tanker, and the processing volume increased. The number of customers who ordered it doubled, and the daily press oil could be sold for more than 2,000 yuan. The cakes after pressing the oil can also be bought by local farmers, and the daily feed income can also earn more than 800 yuan. Business is booming, to what extent is his oil mill fire? There are a few large oil users who have taken the initiative to pay the oil purchases first, as a sincerity. Today, he has become an example of poverty alleviation in the village. Through the establishment of the oil mill to make money, the villagers in the towns and villages have followed suit. The poor households in the village are also eager to try, increase their income through crushing oil processing, get rid of poverty as soon as possible, and live a prosperous life. Master Zheng said with emotion: 'I didn't expect the crushing oil to become a hot commodity for people in the city and the village. What I didn't expect was that the villagers were eager to get rid of poverty.'


The dream of peasants getting rid of poverty and getting rich is being realized in the peasant entrepreneurship. People are not ambitions, and they are poor and unwilling to take off. There is a heart that entrepreneurs must win, and they take the initiative to get rid of poverty and become self-reliant. Master Zheng started the 'Drug Oiler's Oil Mill' and it is a good illustration that we can't be 'lazy, dependent, and demanding', combined with the advantages of local rural resources. Multi-channel sales development, hard work and poverty alleviation can run a well-off.


Master Zheng, who is wealthy, thinks that there are still many poor households in the village, and they have gathered everyone to set up the “Poverty Alleviation and Mutual Assistance Group”. He has the ability to work in his own oil mill to help his work. He also buys a lot of oil crops from the villagers and sells the pressed oil. He only accepts the processing fee. Encourage everyone to plant a large number of cash crops and other economic crops, he is responsible for the current oil sales. Through assistance, relying on the oil press business of oil mills, the average income of poor households increased by income ranging from 1,000 to 2,000, and the “Drug Oil Press” achieved real poverty alleviation. Master Zheng said: 'Under my leadership, more than a dozen households in the village have already withdrawn from poor households.'

'Dr. Oil Press' is like a phoenix nirvana, bringing the gospel to the poor. The real industry that enriches the people in the countryside is a reliable industry that can make the pockets of farmers bulge. Into the annual number of 10 million or even hundreds of thousands. There are more like Master Zheng, who have a dream of entrepreneurship and a dream in the country.