Dragon Boat Festival - Dr. Oil "粽" is not in love

It is also a year of Dragon Boat Festival, fragrant and fragrant, accompanied by food for a long time. Almond hazelnuts, glutinous rice dumplings, red jujube scorpions, spiced hazelnuts, shrimp scorpions, etc., when you peel off the leaves, bite under the mouth, musk is in the mouth, the taste is delicate, tender and delicious, the more chewy the more tenacious, like honey The flow of torrents into the heart, the taste is wonderful. Confucianism for thousands of years, in all aspects of our lives, eating and drinking, 'Benevolence, Righteousness, Courtesy, and Intelligence' is in it. In the diet, in addition to the taste of food, there is also the taste of 'love'. This is our profound and profound traditional culture, and there is a philosophy of 'drinking food and food' everywhere. Just like the Dragon Boat Festival or the Spring Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and so on in traditional festivals.


Today, we have a custom of eating dumplings and dragon boat races to commemorate the poet Qu Yuan. With the rapid development of the current economy, the holidays of the Chinese people are also brilliant. Tradition and modernity go hand in hand. In everyone's mind, there are 'roots' and 'squats', and '粽' is not in love.


'With Dr. Oil's oil mill, I have good oil and food is there every day.' Master Zhang of Hubei Xiaogan said humorously. Before and after the Dragon Boat Festival, Master Zhang’s oil press was extraordinarily busy. Some customers bought a batch of freshly squeezed oil from the oil mill in batches to give gifts to relatives and friends. In the oil mill, there are oil crops piled up in the mountains, and the oil squeezers on the other side are quietly waiting for their own crushing oil to be squeezed out, so that when the children return, they will prepare a delicious meal. Meals. Master Zhang is eager to squeeze oil, stir fry the oil for a while, fill the oil with a while, and serve every customer with patience and thoughtfulness. The clean and original pressing oil all explains the profound meaning of the return of all things. Whenever and wherever, the oil is pure vegetable oil, the thick family, the scent of oil, tempting the taste buds of everyone present. This is Master Zhang’s Oil Dr. Oil Mill, a scene of pressing oil at the festival. 'The crushing oil business is very hot,' a grandmother whispered. At the time of the festival, pay attention to 'eat'; usually pay attention to 'eat', it is the tradition of the Chinese people. Often said, 'People eat food for the sky', I think there is nothing more than eating! On the Dragon Boat Festival, parents who watched at home, and their children ate food, enjoyed the delicious taste on the tip of their tongue, and enjoyed the warm and happy 'home' love of this happy reunion.

'Oil' is born, different from '粽'

Dr. Oil, from the moment the three-character name was born, from the thumb of the image, with its sacred sense of mission, on the road, from the general manager of the development of the helm, or the slogan Ordinary employees, the emotion of 'all for the farmers' has never changed, touching the production and sales of Dr. Oil. It is awe-inspiring to it, and it is a deep affection for the peasant masses. Using 'love' to make products is the source of the development of Dr. Oil's oil press. The 'Dr. Oil' oil press does not make a cold iron shovel, but a 'warm baby' that is different from others, affectionately and intentionally, and is hot and cold, that is, oil, and close to the lives of the people. The industry is the first to provide 'technical on-site service'; 2017 CCTV-7 agricultural channel assured agricultural machinery advocacy brand; national well-known oil press brand; won the fifth IEOE China International Food Oil Industry Expo Gold Award; more than 30 various important oil presses National patent holders with technological breakthroughs; a variety of models have been awarded the Ministry of Agriculture for the promotion of stereotyped products, etc.; as Master Zhang said, “I looked at Dr. Oil, and I saw that the strength is very strong, so I will pay for the machine on the spot. Big brands, rest assured.” The first-line award from consumers is a testimony to the strength of Dr. Oil as a three-agricultural industry.



“Bo” is a long-time leader.

As an oil press industry, on the basis of inheriting the traditional technology platform, Dr. Oil Oiler strives to aggregate various industry technologies to form its own industrial manufacturing level, reflecting the new wisdom and new level of oil press technology research and development. Dr. Oil knows that the quality of the oil press is related to the operating income of the oil presser, and it is not allowed to make the oil squeezer short of two. Only work on the crushing technology to improve the oil yield and improve the crushing efficiency. Difficulties, solve the bottleneck of the bottleneck, make the pressing technology continue to innovate, and constantly innovate the pain points of users. 'Oil's five- or six-stage crushing complete equipment' was born and applied to the market. After several years of sales, Dr. Oil's oil press products have won high recognition from the masses of consumers, and they have become popular with the people. The benchmark product of the oil press is a well-known brand that can be trusted. The 'Dr. Oil' of the grounding gas has become a model representative of the advanced oil press that touches the stone and crosses the river and shuns the righteousness!


'Shen Nong Industrial and Commercial', do not lose the '粽' forget

Dr. Oil's oil press, deep cultivation of fertile soil in the countryside, as an intimate machine for ordinary people, is an important machine related to the healthy table of ordinary people. Behind the Chinese dream is China's strong, then there is a doctor of oil behind the healthy table. For this reason, we dare not take it lightly and do not dare to slack off. Every time we trust the oil drunker, it is Shishang Industry and Commerce. Dear respectable people. As a member of the oil press industry, the slogan “Dr. Oil, Big Brand” of Dr. Oil's oil press has never been arbitrarily shouted. It is the flag of the frontier of the industry and the strong voice of the winner. Behind the honor of Dr. Oil is a strong support for a technological breakthrough, and it is a deserved reputation. What can a big brand bring to you? It is a real quality, reliable and reliable, and is a satisfactory service.


Just like Master Zhang’s oil presser, the oil mill opens its doors every day, and processes thousands of kilograms or dozens of tons of oil crops every day. When thousands of lights are on, the oil press that has been squeezed for one day stops. . Fresh pressed oil is an indispensable food item on the table of the common people. The Dragon Boat Festival reminds us that the current oil press makes us 'squat', and the oil doctor who has not loved!

In May, the fragrance is fragrant, inheriting tradition and carrying commemoration. A pot of original pressed oil, healthy and nutritious, full of delicious and mellow.