Good news: Dr. Oil's oil press sales are gratifying, users are acclaimed.

Since 2015, Dr. Oil's oil press sales are gratifying! Again, the facts prove that the 'brand value' of Dr. Oil's oil press and its appeal to customers. In just a few years, Dr. Oil's oil press has vigorously strengthened the R&D and manufacturing base, and has taken measures to enhance the brand's connotation with “technical support”. It has maintained sales growth for many years and has become a dark horse in the oil press industry.


Dr. Oil's oil press has entered the country's thousands of households and is highly praised by oil millers around the world. Thanks to Mr. Liu Guoping, the founder of Dr. Oil Press, the unique strategy for managing enterprises.

1. In the past ten years, enterprises have been moving forward.

Looking at the picture of Dr. Oil's oil press, the first thing that comes to mind is the slogan “All for the farmers”, and it is also the supreme management idea of the oil production and management of Dr. Oil. Dr. Oil has long adhered to the unique style and pursuit of “customer first, broad-minded, comprehensive, and self-contained”. “Oil Dr. Oil Press is a good one!” To become bigger and stronger for the development goal of the enterprise, with the 'aerospace spirit, military quality' as the pursuit of precision, casting fine products and excellent products in the oil press, promoting the corporate culture of Dr. Oil, highlighting the brand style of Dr. Oil.

2, adhere to technology first, product development is always unremitting

As we all know, the oil press industry is currently not a high barrier to entry, and all kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises are mixed and mixed. To some extent, many companies have similar starting points at the beginning. To truly choose a high quality, no worries, and a quick return on economic benefits, you must choose a big brand, a strong enterprise. 'Beep your eyes, and your eyes will be clear.' Dr. Oil Oil Company views the development of itself and the whole industry in a forward-looking way. It is determined that if you want to stand out from the crowd, it is impossible to rely on imitation and follow-up. You must have a total action plan with your own technical core. With a little persistence and persistence, Dr. Oil's oil press products have slowly carved out their unique styles in the fierce competition: 'The 5th National IEOE China International Edible Oil Industry Expo Gold Award Winner'. Dr. Oil's new oil press is more economical and convenient in practical use. The integrated filter press process is smoother. The computer automatically feeds, one-button oil press, and the color is more pure. The one-stop press filter is very reliable in performance. Dr. Oil's “Five and Six” oil press, which was developed by the professor-level senior engineer, obtained a number of patents and was identified as a stereotyped and popularized product by the Ministry of Agriculture. Dr. Oil's oil press has the advantages of R&D, inspection, testing and manufacturing. Only qualified products are allowed to go to the factory.

3, technological innovation is the foundation of enterprise development

On the road of constantly pursuing technological advantages and striving to provide customers with the most valued products, Dr. Oil Press has never stopped the pace of innovative exploration. We put forward a slogan that we must work hard to make 'Dr. Oil's technology achieve 'doctoral level' and implement the 'customer satisfaction vertical thumb project'.


Recently, Dr. Oil Press Company put forward the concept of “excellent”. Dr. Oil believes that the key to excellence is to focus on the performance indicators that are closely related to customer profitability, such as economy, reliability, safety and convenience, and comprehensively enhance the value that products bring to customers. Guided by customer needs, Dr. Oil builds different grades of oil presses according to different categories. With the breakthrough of “5th and 6th grades”, the oil and water industry has once again attracted new and old customers of oil presses, and bought oil presses. This has become a consensus among many users. Has been widely concerned and recognized by the majority of users. Dr. Oil's innovative development of the fine concept has been refined in the actual technical research, and the new bright spot technology has been applied to the actual use of the oil press, so that its performance is further improved, and the oil yield advantage is obvious. .

4, the implementation of 'doctoral level thumbs up' business strategy

The 'doctoral' big business strategy of 'integrity marketing, superior equipment, Leifeng service, customer image, fair price, vertical thumb' is a marketing model with the characteristics of Dr. Oil, which is the marketing of Dr. Oil over the years. Systematic summary and sublimation of manufacturing, R&D, and management culture. Dr. Oil's oil press is eager to reflect the requirements of 'Dr. Oil, Good Machine'! Dr. Oil's oil press also wins the terminal in this way, winning the winning model in the future, taking the lead in the market to develop the brand economy and becoming the preferred brand of the market and consumers.

5, insist on putting customer satisfaction first

Mr. Liu Guoping, General Manager of Beijing Global Tongchuang Technology Development Co., Ltd. often said: 'We must first think of customer satisfaction is not satisfied, dissatisfaction is that we are not doing well, all oil doctors must go all out and strive to achieve customer satisfaction with us. The service provided by the vertical thumb', in the oil company oil press company, the customer's demand is the direction of Dr. Oil's efforts. We strive for the quality requirements of the oil press, not only reliability, safety, economy, but also convenience!


For many years, Dr. Oil has won a good reputation in the market with mature and reliable product technology and high-quality after-sales service. This is also the secret of the continuous growth of the oil salesman's oil press in recent years.

Dr. Beijing Global Tongchuang Oil Press Company will continue to adhere to the road of quality, brand and service and achieve the reputation of a well-known brand of Chinese oil presses!