The rise of adversity, the entrepreneurial dream under the help of Dr. Oil

As a mode of operation and investment, the healthy edible oil industry chain has shown a strong development trend, gradually catching up with many popular fields such as catering services, beauty salons, education and training, fashion accessories, etc., and has become the most eye-catching in China in recent years. And one of the formats of concern (investment projects).

In the suburbs of Pingyi, Shandong Province, the name of Wang Meichun, the “oil boss”, is getting louder and louder. After several years of hard work, he has gradually become a local influential press oil processor and a supplier of pressed refined oil products. In the interview, he introduced to the author: 'I don't sell the oil at all. Now I produce 600-800KG of peanut oil every day. A small amount of processing has not been accepted. However, the township folks are not squeezed and not good, so the lack of production capacity has become a reality. More often, we will do some 'balance' among the large customers who are sourcing at the fixed point. Fortunately, we are ready to expand production capacity after the Spring Festival to meet the market demand.'



'A person must have a dream. If you have a goal, you must go all out to work hard and achieve it.' When he talks very much, he tells his own entrepreneurial story: In the summer of 1999, he came alone in 23 Shenzhen gold rush, no education, no technology, but not mediocre, in the past ten years, he has been constantly changing his role, went to the factory, worked over and built the building, but never really earned To his own first bucket of gold, as he grows older, he can no longer consume this way. He must find a path that suits him as soon as possible. In the Spring Festival of 2009, he returned to his hometown with his dream of starting a business. It was his third time in the past ten years that he came home to work. The only difference is that this return home is not only empty, but it has strengthened his belief in starting a business.

As the saying goes: 'The world is not as good as it is.' Wang Meichun is no exception. In today's market economy, the entrepreneurial projects in Linlin are dazzling. He was confused at the beginning and his ideas were uncertain.

However, the experience of working outside the home and running the society quickly gave him a lot of evidence in the real world. The projects with less investment, quick results, good sales and low risk made him visit several times in more than two months. County, the desire for entrepreneurship made him forget the exhaustion, the anger brought by the pain of the previous period burned in his heart from time to time.

Huang Tian pays off, and finally found a road to prosperity in the third month of his project. He started the oil mill and became a health industry. His hometown Shandong is a well-known flower production and sales province in the country. The quality and output are completely assured. The investment in local materials is not big, and the capital pressure is small. One thought and this, Wang Meichun quickly started the equipment inspection and workshop after negotiating with his family. The site was selected. In this way, after ten days of visits and comparisons, Dr. Oil's oil press and its auxiliary equipment entered his field of vision with its excellent materials, good processing technology, advanced technology and perfect after-sales service. He won the affirmation of him and his family.

After visiting the oil company Dr. Jinan branch to inquire about the details, I immediately signed the purchase contract for the oil doctor brand oil press and its auxiliary equipment. Within two days, Wang Meichun’s oil doctor oil mill has officially opened...

The rise of adversity, the entrepreneurial dream under the help of Dr. Oil


Due to its advanced equipment, considerate service and reasonable pricing, his oil doctor's oil mill has been popular among the villagers since its opening. Every day, people are coming and going, the business is very hot... With good reputation, opening In less than half a year, he took several large-scale hotels and government canteens to order purchase contracts, and the business was done very well!

When I left, Wang Meichun excitedly told the author: I have been operating oil oil mill for 6 years. With the reputation of Dr. Oil brand oil press, my oil doctor's oil mill is conservatively estimated to be able to enter at least 6 digits this year, but I have spent too much time processing my own oil products. I have to buy another set of equipment next year, and ask a worker to meet the needs of the villagers for processing materials.

Of course, my equipment will definitely choose Dr. Oil, because in the past few years, the sincere service of Dr. Oil brand oil press and its team has brought me not only wealth and honor, but also the confidence of entrepreneurship. Now I am Has risen completely from adversity and has seen a beautiful and promising future!