After 60, laid-off women workers propped up "half the sky"

I heard that Feng Xiaoli’s story is due to an interview in the community development project in Shunqing District. The community director told us that there is a woman who dares to fight and stubbornly stubborn in their community, one from the laid-off women in the city to the trade. The market clothing store owner went to the health oil house to become a female head.

On the afternoon of December 3, we came to the place where Feng Xiaoli started the Nuggets - moving in the town of Shunqing District, and saw Feng Xiaoli. As the community director said, she is quick and quick, and she is full of vigor and vitality. When we are full of vigor and vitality, when we are When talking, her face was full of confidence and joy of success.


Feng Xiaoli said: I was laid off in November 1999. At first, I felt very uncomfortable and very embarrassed. I always feel that I have done a good job, are in good health, and have worked for so many years. I have no hard work and no hard work. When I met relatives, friends, and colleagues, I always felt that I had no face. I felt as if I had done something unspeakable.

Later, after the leaders of the original unit, colleagues and relatives and friends talked and persuaded, I gradually understood the truth and got rid of the original dissatisfaction. I really realize that the value of a person's value and the success or failure of a career are not determined by others. The key lies in oneself.


After the thoughts were straightened out, I decided to find something to do, at least young, always free. To be honest, as far as my family is concerned, the husband is a middle school teacher, there is only one child, and both the elderly have a pension, and we don’t have to worry about it. There is basically no big family burden.

But I always feel that I am still young, and I can’t go on like this year after year. In particular, many familiar sisters came to me to complain after they were laid off. Together with seeing the laid-off female workers around doing nothing, they have strengthened my determination to do something myself.

In this way, I stumbled all the way. In the blink of an eye, I have been in the past ten years. During this period, I have done a clothing business, sold a stall and sold vegetables, and ran a taxi. But after all these years, I have never found a real one. Your own business. If the tree is killed and the person moves, I will not believe that there is no way for myself! In a different way, maybe you can find a way out.

In the fall of 2014, as usual, I used to play with the little sisters in the community (mainly about the direction of doing business). One of the sisters said that one of her relatives had opened a new oil mill in the country and could now sell it. The business is not bad. Out of the instinct of the savvy woman, combined with the reports of various media about the health of the diet, it seems that I have seen hope again. Yes, I will be a healthy oil mill. For a moment, my mind has been fixed!

After doing a few months of investigation, from the store site selection, equipment manufacturers, etc., all seriously, in October 2014, my oil doctor is now the oil mill successfully settled in the suburbs of Nanchong Shunqing, through Beijing Global After two days of professional training for the after-sales service personnel of Chongqing Branch, my re-starting business started again...


Since I was initially positioned to be only pure and healthy oil, my oil mill started to attract a lot of attention in the local area. The used customers said that the oil I bought or squeezed out was clear and very Pure and high temperature does not change color, the nearby repeat customers are steadily increasing with the passage of time, and more and more users are processing the materials (my husband also came to help at the weekend), in order to make everyone better and faster. To deepen our understanding of healthy edible oil, we have also increased the promotion of freshly squeezed vegetable oil. No, just a few days before the interview, my oil mill has become a designated supplier of edible oil for several local hotels.

Today, my oil mill has steadily passed the first spring and autumn, and the net income has also increased from the initial 3,500 yuan / month to the current 5,000 yuan / month, when the business is good, can earn more than 7,000 a month.

In the face of a little achievement now, I feel that entrepreneurship is bitter, but it is also sweet. Only when one person personally experiences it will truly understand where the bitterness is and where it is sweet. I really like the healthy cooking oil that I am doing now. Career, hope that the laid-off sisters will stand up and start their own businesses. As long as they look for the target, they will succeed if they work hard!