After the 85th venture to open the oil mill, relying on hard work and monthly income

Born in 1986, Ren Furui just turned 30 this year. Since he resigned from the textile factory near his home in Juye Village, Juye County, Heze City in July last year, he has been busy every day, but he is very happy. of.

Users who come to the oil mill for oil extraction often go from early morning to dark in the evening, peanuts, soybeans, oil sunflowers, and sesame seeds. After a turn and a turn of the wok, the smell of the fragrant spray floats several miles.

Because the business is getting better and better, he asked his father and daughter-in-law to come together to help. The second floor of the house is on the street, the people upstairs, the three big houses downstairs, one for the oil press, one for the car. Small shop, the middle one is used for guests to rest, outside the car wash, the annual income is nearly 200,000, several times more than when they go to work. 'Going to work is managed, now I am a boss, my income has been several times more than when I go to work, I can make money, I am free, and I can help my family to do farm work when I am not busy in the morning.' He has sincerely revealed his sincerity. Proud.

After the 85th venture to open the oil mill, relying on hard work and monthly income! !

Resigning to start a business, open the oil workshop, good quality and quantity service

Ren Furui and his wife have been working in textile factories near home for more than three years. Usually they are busy and not very busy at work. The family can’t help them. Two people work overtime in a month to get more than 5,000 yuan. This is not the way. The child is 2 years old and needs to be looked after. The old man is getting older, and in the future, he needs people to take care of him. There are many places waiting for expenses.

After investigation, he found that there are more peanut oils, and there is no oil mill near his home. The oil mills in other villages are very hot. If you open a oil mill yourself. Therefore, he checked the relevant information from the Internet and compared it. He found that the “Dr. Oil” brand small-scale oil press developed and produced by Beijing Global Tongchuang Technology Development Co., Ltd. is very suitable for him. He went to the Global Tongan Branch to inspect it. At a glance, the staff introduced him to the machine in detail, invested 45,000 yuan, and recovered the cost in a few months.

Uneasy, he went to Beijing to look at it. The staff of Global Tongchuang Beijing Headquarters patiently introduced him to the machine and told him about the operation method of the oil mill and other experience of operating the oil mill. After several, he selected the YBS-Z698 oil press, H-type oil filter and flat-bottom electric single-layer frying machine.

After learning the operation method of the oil press, Ren Furui bought the machine back home. He carefully read the manual and video materials of the machine over and over again. If he didn't understand, he would call the service hotline of Global Tongchuang. Each time he answered each of his questions in detail. After a few operations, it became more and more skilled, and the machine was easy to operate and easy to use.

When the price of peanuts was relatively low, the nearby farmers used peanuts to extract their own oil. After the opening, Ren Furui’s business became better and better. Because of his good temper, good service, large and advanced machine, high oil yield, 100 kg of peanuts can produce 43 to 44 kg of oil, the highest time to 45 kg 8 two, other homes can only produce about 40 kg, more than enough Come out three or four pounds of oil. The oil filter he bought is also the latest one, the filtered oil, yellow Cheng Cheng, clear bottom. More and more customers are coming from nearby, and business is getting better and better.

2000 leaflets to quickly open awareness

Ren Furui’s house is on the street, and the second floor is newly built. All of them are covered with new white floor tiles, which are cleaned every day. Three large houses on the first floor, one workshop for oil extraction, one for oil and for people to rest, one for car shop, for washing cars on the open space, because of his clean car wash, good service attitude, There are more and more people washing cars, and the people who come to the car wash are smelling the fragrant oil next to them, go to the scene to watch, and buy a bucket by the way.

After eating, I felt very good. When I came to the car again, I bought a lot. Three hundred and forty percent of the oil was bought by car wash users. The average income of selling car products and car washing is more than one hundred yuan a day. The days soon changed a lot, and the daughter-in-law also resigned from the work of the textile factory and worked with him to run his own oil mill.

After the 85th venture to open the oil mill, relying on hard work and monthly income! !

In order to better publicize their own oil mill, Ren Furui printed 2,000 leaflets. Whenever the town was on the market, he sent it to the people who came to the market, and explained to the people that 'the soil oil is purer and the vision is true. Quality and quantity, eating healthier.'

After being sent twice, 2000 copies have been sent out. More and more users are coming to the store to press the oil. They get up at three or four in the morning, and they have to be busy until ten o'clock in the evening. They can only sleep for a few hours a day because the business is too Busy, he invited another person to help. The customers who have been there because of the high oil yield of his machine, the filtered oil is clear, the oil is fragrant, the health is visible, and the rate of return is of course 100%. This is the result of a hundred and one hundred, and brings some new customers. I and my wife are busy from the early morning to the night. Although they are hard, they are happy.

Replacing peanuts, forming a cooperative cooperative, opening oil tickets, freshly squeezed and eaten

The oil mill has been open for a long time. More and more farmers have come to press the oil. Some farmers have put more than 1,000 kilograms of peanuts in the store of Furui. Every time they eat, they will squeeze more and always eat fresh oil.

The nearby planting cooperatives also cooperated with his oil mills, and sent their own users to extract oil. Ren Furui opened the oil ticket, stamped the chapter, how much oil the user ate, and then he took the statement and settled with the cooperative.

'Try to find a way to meet the various needs of customers, the way people think of it.' Ren Furui's mind is flexible, hard work, with oil tickets, how much to eat and how much to take, it solves the problem of soil oil oil shelf life. Now, every year, the oil sold from his store to the field has a few kilograms. In the summer, Ren Furui stored the oil in the tank instead of the plastic bucket. The earth cylinder was breathable and cool, the oil shelf life was extended, the sedimentation time was long, the oil was clearer and the taste was more fragrant, and the filter he bought was better than other homes. Advanced, come

Open chain stores, post their own trademarks, expand operations

After operating for less than a year, Ren Furui earned the first pot of gold into the current edible oil processing industry, and his ideas are increasing. The business is getting better and better. He plans to re-enterate a larger frying equipment from Beijing Global Tongchuang and install a hoist. There is a coal mine near the oil mill, which is changed from electric frying to burning coal. The amount is larger and the cost is lower. He wants to open another store, chain operation, and increase visibility and credibility.

Near the grain and oil stores, many came here and wanted to run his oil. In order to guarantee the quality of his oil, he euphemistically refused. In the future, he wants to “register his own trademark, fill his own brand of oil, and at that time, sell the oil to the grain and oil stores and supermarkets”.

Seeing the thriving business in the oil mill made him firmly believe his belief that 'young people start a business, like a headless fly, don't know what to do', and he found his own direction. Several oil mills nearby, after he opened, were gradually competing, and the diligent and flexible mind made him confident in the future.

In his spare time, Ren Furui repeatedly watched the video materials in the CD-ROM of the 'Dr. Oil' oil press, constantly improving his machine use level and learning the management experience of other oil mills.

Hardworking, hard-working, and not afraid of hardship, the young Ren Furui could not help but find himself the best way to start his own business.