Dr. Oil's Oil Mill, a Dream of Happiness, a Road to Remember the Entrepreneur of the Disabled Ge Yun


'Master Ge, give me ten pounds of rapeseed oil', 'Well, the freshly squeezed rapeseed oil is well poured'... In the early morning, Dr. Ge’s oil researcher squeezed the oil on the crushing oil, and squeezed it. The rapeseed oil that comes out is heart-wrenching. I smell the scent of pressed oil all the time. Many of the people who come up are the 'old patrons' who come to buy oil. He smiles and greets everyone, but it is not very flexible. The legs, moving everyone's bag of oil. 'This happiness is struggling. Nowadays, more and more people are paying attention to health. Pure pressed oil is popular. I am selling this way, naturally!' After the busy sale, the sweaty Ge’s face was filled with a smile. Say.

As a business operator specializing in the harvest of a large number of oil crops per year, the company has been working on the processing of pure green edible oil. Mr. Ge has been operating oil for more than ten years. From the beginning of nothing at home, to the founding of Dr. Oil Mill Can self-sufficiency, now the oil square business is getting better and better, the oil square earns money, Ge master is not single, set up a family, and prop up an increasingly complete family, Ge master struggled with his own hands and made a happy road . Dr. Oil's oil mill, let him round his dream of starting a business.


Accidents will happen. Ge Yunfei, the famous name of Ge, was born in a few months when he was born with a severe high fever and got polio. He made him a severely disabled person with a narrow eye and a broken hand. Because he was born into an intellectual family, his parents were all teachers. From the very beginning, he did not give up his encouragement and cultivation, the indoctrination of knowledge, the education of family style, and planted self-improvement in his young mind. Dissatisfied, self-confident and unyielding personality.

Master Ge’s childhood is gray, but his heart is colored. The path of seeking medical treatment from an early age has made him more exposed to society and has a more realistic vision of a better life. He has to do more than others to do, walk, talk, learn, take care of himself, etc. Perhaps too many setbacks make him more obsessed than his peers.

When talking about dreams, Master Ge used himself to use a 'ambition' to describe himself. After graduating from high school, he thought about 'entrepreneurship'. Perhaps he was reading a lot of entrepreneurial stories of successful entrepreneurs. He wanted to start a business. If you make a lot of money, he will not be worse than a healthy person. In fact, his physical defects and insufficient social experience, and even the colored eyes of the people around him, made him stop, the first venture (planned to set up a street stall) was knocked down by his own defects, unable to take the first step. After calming down, he spent more time and energy on learning, enriching himself, and being deeply impressed by the deeds of entrepreneurial model characters in the spiritual ocean of more entrepreneurial entrepreneurial experiences.

He gained great confidence and recast his own soul. As the saying goes, when God closes a door, it will open another window. Let him regain the confidence of life and make up his mind to change himself with his hardworking hands. He was not knocked down by life, chose to go to the streets, selling daily necessities on the street, earning only 10 yuan a day, until an accidental opportunity, he found that he bought a Dr. oil presser and made money by processing pure pressed oil. Good business opportunities, suitable for home business.


I found a development path that suits me, and I also gained love and marriage while struggling. Master Ge is 35 years old. When he opened the oil mill, he met Zhu Dajie, who was divorced from the old customers who came to buy oil. He had a good feeling and talked about Zhu’s extreme inferiority, sensitivity, vulnerability and emotionality. He started his own example. Sister Zhu, telling her own entrepreneurial experience, gradually let her establish the confidence of life, open her heart and walk out of the shadows. He realized that he is not a weak person in society. On the contrary, by helping more people through his own strength, he can sublimate his own broken life. After they set up a family, Master Ge became more cheerful and optimistic. In order to create a better life, the business of the oil mill he operated was well-known, and he could squeeze all kinds of oil crops. The recognition of his old customers also inspired him. His enthusiasm, the folks said that he 'Dr. Oil, is the bright matchmaker of his life.' Master Ge also said, 'The general secretary said that happiness is a struggle. I have to work hard to overcome the difficulties of setbacks and surpass myself. I have confidence in running a well-off society!'

Master Ge carried a small red-skinned book with his old hair. In the writing, he carefully showed the small book that recorded his childhood self-enclosed home to the current struggle. He said that whenever he encounters difficulties and setbacks, he flips through his own book and draws on his mental milk and pre-action. In the spiritual world, he never became a weak person, even more than normal people. powerful.


Looking at the oil doctor's oil mill in front of him, caressing Dr. Oil's oil press, he has mixed feelings... Yes, he does not have a sound body, but he never gives up his longing for a better life. Relying on Dr. Kai Oil's oil mill, he is self-sufficient, and manages with his heart. He uses his hard-working hands to fight his own happiness and tells you about your good life.

Dr. Oil's oil press made him a dream of entrepreneurship, and made Master Ge's 'hardship' slowly become sweeter.