From "one poverty" to "fat horse" - the story of the veteran military officer Zhao Dexian and Dr. Oi

The capital city of Beijing's urban planning development clearly defines its development status as a political center, a cultural center, an international exchange center, and a science and technology innovation center. Dr. Oil’s Technology R&D Innovation Headquarters in Beijing。


At present, relying on the advantages of the capital technology and skilled talents, Dr. Oil is based on the innovation and development of crushing technology. He has the scientific and technological advantages of more than 30 national patent technologies of Dr. Oil Press, and is at the forefront of technology innovation in Beijing. All of them, Dr. Oil's oil press is based on the introduction of five or six-stage pressing technology to improve the efficiency of production and production and to optimize the frontier of technological innovation.

The veteran Zhao Dexian user is one of the earlier users of Dr. Oil's fifth and sixth-stage oil presses, and is also an excellent example of the profitability of Dr. Oil's oil mill.


It is said that in the era of struggle, how can we choose comfort, and we must make more hard work than others to live with dignity and create a happy life of our own through wisdom and diligence.

Master Zhao, who was a soldier, served as a heroic unit during the War of Liberation. For the present life, he never believed in the beauty of 'the sky will fall out of the pie' and belonged to a completely pragmatic and quite rational person. In the army, after the iron-like will to temper, let his character be resolute, do things in a way, do not give up, persist in perseverance, firm goals, and continue to work hard to achieve. The style of acting has always been popular, and the army has repeatedly won the honor of 'excellent soldiers'.

After his glorious resignation, he did not wait for the government to rely on, to resettle, and resolutely returned to his hometown to be a peasant. In his view, it is not easy for the peasants to do well. The crops he planted were always better than those of others, and the planting harvest was much higher. The income from selling food crops was 10,000 yuan. The folks have cast their envious eyes. In fact, Mr. Zhao’s intention to farm, who can understand.

Master Zhao said: 'Now my oil oil mill has developed well. Everyone said that I am a business owner. In fact, I still like it. I am a farmer.' He has a special feeling for farmers and grew up in rural areas. Without the great creation of peasants, there would be no prosperity of the country today. He pays attention to scientific farming, contracting hundreds of acres of barren hills and planting farms. Against the scorching sun, the glory of the stars and moon. In the past 80 years, it has been a rare 'ten thousand households.'

Over the years, it has relied on no matter what you do, you can't be sloppy, and you are pursuing the best state of mind. From a person who takes off the olive green and picks up the hoe, he now runs Dr. Oil's oil mill to become the oil researcher. The scale of the company, determined to rely on the entity business, has become an example for many young people to struggle and learn.

When the people were born in the late 1950s, the vicissitudes of suffering were written on his face. It was the year of the flower, but it was still awkward. Master Zhao was born in a remote mountain village on the Jiaodong Peninsula. From a small note, he worked hard with his parents to work in the fields. He felt that the fellows had worked hard all the year round and could only maintain the basic situation of food and clothing. Only the days when you can fill your stomach, let the peasants have more money. In the army, he had read many stories of self-made characters.

When I returned to the countryside, I also had the idea of being a good farmer and a sideline business, and starting my own business. Through many understandings, Master Zhao locked the family sideline business into traditional farming. If you do it, you will start the hatching of the chicken and run it for more than three years. You will also earn a lot of money by relying on hard work and hard work. But a good dream is hard to come by, and disasters are prevented. A big plague, his chicken farm killed thousands of chickens, which made him completely poor and lost all his family. Master Zhao, who had no choice but to pick up the hoe, went to the field...


Later, after a rational analysis, Master Zhao wanted to seek an agricultural processing sideline suitable for rural development. After he learned from many sources, he learned that it is more appropriate to start an oil doctor's oil mill. The use of rural grain and oil crops, deep processing industry, large profits, a broad space for industrial development, large consumer groups, low key risks, as long as the heart is only earned. Master Zhao thought, 'What I don't lack is the intention.' To Dr. Oil's investigation, he is catching up with the technical upgrade of Dr. Oil's oil press equipment. The latest research and development of the fifth and sixth-stage oil press technology products is on the market, and the oil yield is high. The processing volume is large, the oil is clear and clean. Under the introduction of the sales staff, Master Zhao once pondered and saw that the performance of the press processing was indeed extraordinary. It was higher than the output of other similar types of press machines he had examined before, and the oil was clear and clean. The sales staff did not forget to emphasize: 'New products, new technologies, and pressing effects are not ordinary.'

So at the end of 2015, Dr. Zhao Shifu Oil Mill opened. Under his meticulous management, the oil shop began to catch fire. After years of hard work, he relies on his hard work and smart ability, the main business is good, the customer surplus. Dr. Oil's oil mill has made him a huge fortune. Master Zhao, who is low-key, is reserved, reserved, and unobtrusive. Since Dr. Kaiyou’s oil mill, Master Zhao’s family has undergone a qualitative change: the house has been turned over and is a three-story building. It is spacious and bright. It has also bought a house for several children in the city, and added a small car. Now the children and grandchildren Full of fun, happy.

The launch of Dr. Oil's oil mill to deepen the oil crops in the rural market proved that his vision was unique and correct. In the time of stable operation, Master Zhao ordered several sets of oil pump production line equipment and expanded the operation of Dr. Cheng Oil's oil mill. The annual operating income has exceeded one million yuan. The leap from the “million yuan peasant boss” who used to be the famous “million household” in the village to the oil mill, was Dr. Oil who pushed him to a broader market.


He also cooperated with hundreds of farmers in towns and villages to develop joint ventures, mobilize the surrounding villagers to plant the required oil, concentrate the processing, and launch local specialty press oil for sale. Drive the precise development of the planting industry, which will increase the income of the villagers and increase the competitiveness of their oil researcher. Dr. Oil's oil mill has greatly promoted the development of rural local industries, and more widely motivated farmers to carry out economic crop cultivation, which has driven farmers to truly get rid of poverty and become rich.


Master Zhao’s road to agriculture and business is not only rich, but also rich in self-sufficiency. He does not forget the folks and drives the villagers to jointly develop. Nowadays, many fellows come to his oil mill or (oil mill) to learn about the crushing oil industry. 'I came to study here by Zhao Shu, and I plan to go back and open a Dr. Oil Oil Mill like him.' A big sister said categorically.

Master Zhao, a veteran military veteran, is not disfigured. Whether he is a farmer or a pioneering business, he takes it seriously, step by step, and does his business. He is not afraid of setbacks. He will live a mediocre life, seize opportunities, and be freehand.