Oil rose from the oil mill

Changchun City Oil Dr. Oil Mill opened for two years. The shop owner Xiao Cheng is a post-80s woman. The oil mill she runs is clean and hygienic. The business is booming. In the local area, “Dr. Oil Press” is famous. We have written reports on her. On the occasion of the March 8th International Women's Day in 2018, we once again had an in-depth exchange with her to share her oil management business.



In the process of operating the oil mill, she set several principles:

1. Select oils and press oils are preferred for top oil crops, insisting on only pure, healthy and nutritious oils.

2. The oil mill has been receiving local attention from opening to operation. Customers who bought the pressed oil said that the oil she bought or squeezed was fresh and delicious, and the customers who processed the products said that they were squeezed out in her oil mill. The oil is much more than the other ones, thanks to the advanced patented technology used in the oil tanker.

3, retail will not let go, but also to target local group buyers. Through the efforts of the process lady's network and social circle, her family's oil mill has become a designated supplier of edible oil for several large local restaurants and two large state enterprise canteens. Realize the monthly squeeze of tens of thousands of yuan in net profit.

4. There must be a signboard to attract customers when opening the door. Operating oil mills should also focus on user needs, constantly paying attention to user needs, listening to user feedback and being able to respond quickly. Let users speak for you, focus on user needs, take product quality as the core, really pay attention to user needs, pay attention to quality stability, let products talk, and distribute charm. Doing oil mills, regardless of current and future sales, are users constantly affecting users, users' experience and feelings decide whether to buy eventually, whether to buy again, whether word of mouth spread, stable quality is the key.

5. Keep abreast of the local government's macro policies and seize the opportunity to promote the pure natural crushing brand of the oil mills under the guidance of the national policy of precision poverty alleviation. Strengthen the concept of leading a healthy new life.


Ms. Cheng said: 'I want to do a good job in the oil mill's model shop. Now women are half the sky. As long as we look for things, stick to them, think about them, we will be able to do something.'

I think of a paragraph that Ms. Cheng once said: 'Entrepreneurship is bitter, but it is also sweet. Only when you experience it personally can you truly understand where the bitterness is, where is the sweetness; when you use your own labor income to reduce the burden for your loved ones at home. When you understand the importance and excitement of a person's self-worth, I sincerely thank the 'Dr. Oil' manufacturer for providing such a good project for entrepreneurs. I also like the healthy edible oil business that I am doing now. I hope that the majority of the sisters will stand up and start their own businesses. As long as they look for the target, they will succeed if they work hard!'

A weak woman opens up a new world in the oil mill, and the eyebrows don’t let the eyebrows, and the cross-flow of the sea can show the true character of the hero. Genghis Khan said: 'The more you can't cross the mountain, the more you will go. If you can't cross the river, you will reach the other side.' Success will be a loyal, hardworking, pragmatic practitioner!

I wish all the female entrepreneurs who are struggling in the oil flat business, happy March 8 Women's Day!