Dr. Oil comes home with you for a year.

n the past, people spent the New Year, although the material is scarce, but an old and small, sitting around the table eating a fragrant meal, is the happiest year! Nowadays, most people leave their hometowns all the year round, go out to work or even wander in a foreign country. Even if they live with their parents, they are often not accompanied at home. Parents often live in cities because of language, geography, lifestyle and other factors. The heart is lonely and strange. Most of the empty nesters are 'a door to the door and a lock.'


Nowadays, material life is rich, and it is the first choice for everyone to give money to parents during the Chinese New Year. We thought this was filial piety to parents, thinking that parents would be happy! When the Spring Festival returns home and the elderly are Chinese New Year, parents often have a table of meals, but the children have no intention to eat. Children go home to be 'low-headed.' Bowing the phone, playing Weibo, playing games, sending WeChat, grabbing red packets, gathering old friends, and having a lot of entertainment. I can’t take care of talking to my parents. CCTV had broadcast a public service advertisement in one year: 'My father is old, his memory is getting worse and worse, he has forgotten a lot of things, he can't even recognize his son, and he doesn't know where his family is. The son took him out to eat, and the rest of the plate. Two dumplings, Dad actually grabbed the dumplings directly into the pocket with his hands. The son stunned, and his father said: 'My son loves this.' 'Children may forget their parents, but parents will never forget their children.'

Nowadays, many people are feeling that the 'yearly taste' is getting weaker and lighter. What is the taste of 'yearly taste'? Where did our traditional year taste go?

Oh, the year is coming back! Dr. Oil, who is walking into Hubei’s Zhang Da Ge’s oil mill, has a fragrant smell. Accompanied by the sound of oil press work, watching the fellows waiting for the oil to squeeze, and leading a bucket of oil to look like a color.

In the year of 2018, Dr. Lao Zhangyou's oil mill is still busy. Years are near, my children are home, parents are looking forward to it! Zhang Da Ge said, 'The New Year, these parents have to go to my oil mill to squeeze more oil, eat it in the New Year. I am working overtime now, and the oil press has not stopped.'


The taste of the year is that the family can sit around and taste the delicious food cooked with traditional pressed oil, which can recall the happiness of the age! Health inheritance is more than a way of life, but also how to let parents feel the best chance of 'yearly taste'. Find the taste of your childhood with your parents! Open your parents' hearts and minds, open their dusty memories, and let the traditional happiness taste return to the table. In the traditional year, always with food and happy memories, full of the taste of the home, the taste of the year and the strong Chinese taste.

The Spring Festival in 2018 is about to arrive. From small to large, we all grew up eating food prepared by our parents. This year, I bought the original squeezed peanut oil or rapeseed oil at the current oil mill, and personally cooked a delicious dinner for my parents to catch the taste of the year and give my parents a different kind of reunion dinner! Or the parents have already cooked for the children who are returning home with the freshly squeezed oil to wait for the return of their children.


Pure natural pressed oil is also a simple and implicit expression of happiness and love. And the various types of cooking oil that is squeezed out are from the oil pumping equipment. When the children go home for the New Year, they will go back with their parents to find the 'year-old' that will never be lost! Let the taste of the food cooked by Dr. Oil accompany the parents and family for the New Year. Let our family feel the scent of the year!

There is oil doctor, there is a taste of the year! I wish you good New Year, Dr. Oil wishes you good year after year!