Chain management to create a brand, interpretation of the oil square version of "Chinese partner"

——Visit Li Bo, a user of Shandong Jining Oil

In the cold winter, for the farmers, it is the season of farming and leisure. But for Master Li, a farmer in Jining City, Shandong Province, it is busy.

In the actual mining process of Dr. Oil's visiting team, today, Big Brother Li has been busy for 12 hours. From 5 o'clock in the morning, he got up and squeezed oil until 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The oil press machine did not stop. He said, 'There are too many folks who come to press oil.' As the saying goes, 'The twelfth lunar month is busy and busy.' Big Brother Li said to us with a smile, 'I have been busy for a year. Since I opened this oil mill, the return value is too busy!' The straightforwardness of the Shandong people is awkward.


Looking at the oil pumper in front of the work, a piece of cake fell like a petal, a pot of steaming oil was tumbling in the frying machine, the refinery outlet was opened like a tap water valve, and the oil was poured. under. Really awesome! As a real-time personnel, we have also witnessed the opportunity that the oil-dried oil press of this year brought to the villagers in Tiannanhaibei not only entrepreneurship, but also the happiness of the times. Witness happiness in their struggles, between their words.


 In the three provinces of minus 40 degrees, Yunguichuan in the four seasons, the Jinshan and Gansu in the glory, the Beijing-Tianjin-Yun-Meng in the vitality, the beautiful Fujian-Zhejiang-Guangdong in the Tianshan, the Tibetan area... The Ph.D. technicians have traveled all over the country. Wherever they went, the visiting team members walked into a home oil Dr. Oil Mill and experienced the spring, summer, autumn and winter of the oil house owners. It is the season. What remains unchanged is that Dr. Oil's oil press continues to “snap” in the countryside and has a bright color. The fragrant oil is sweet and fragrant.


Big Brother Lee is simple and honest. Speaking of Shandong is known as the 'hometown of cooking'. Lu cuisine, one of the eight major cuisines. Pay attention to the original characteristics of Lu cuisine, and the cooking oil requirements for cooking are naturally not bad. The local oil crops are widely planted. Before the start of the oil mill, Li Dage had already run a special mutton soup restaurant in the county, and the business was not bad. Once, he went to a friend's house to be a guest, and saw the business of the oil mills opened by his friends.

As a businessman for many years, watching the income is much better than opening a restaurant. Li Da Ge is stunned. Is it better to open the oil mill? Curious Li Big Brother, who has never admit defeat in his childhood, wrote down the phone number of Dr. Oil on this oil press and went to the sales department of Dr. Oil to inspect and learn. After the field trip, he had a bottom in his heart. I didn't expect the industry to be so good now. Many of the oil mills in the country have mushroomed, which shows that the market is good and the demand is great. As soon as he pondered, Li’s eyes lit up. He is optimistic about the package series of Dr. Oil's oil press, with all the supporting equipment, which can double the benefits. He had a sudden idea: 'open the chain.' Also gave his store a resounding name 'Oil Gourd Oil Mill.' In this way, Dr. Oil's oil press was purchased, and soon Li Da Ge's oil mill opened.

During the actual interview, when we asked, 'Why do you have a soft spot for Dr. Oil's oil press?', he said frankly, 'Choose the oil pumper, in addition to the advanced technology of the oil press itself, the service is really in place. As our entrepreneurs, the follow-up service is good, we will have nothing to worry about, how to operate it is our business.' Master Li is diligent and thoughtful. He is well-known in the local area. He runs the oil mill, operates in good faith, is clean and hygienic, and presses oil quickly. To work overtime, the customer must be satisfied. Everyone naturally comes to patronize. Consumer customers say that the oil that is squeezed out is good, and it’s full of praise! In particular, every time the country market, I sold more than 100 barrels of peanut oil a day.

When the chain of funds in the open oil workshop is not enough, several partners are also optimistic about the prospects of the oil mill, and they will operate in the stock market. Demonstrated the 'Chinese Partner' of the real version of Dr. Oil's Oil Mill. In fact, several partners were present, and they were busy with the oil. We gave Li and a few partners a shutter. (Photos in the photo below) At that moment, I remembered a line in the film 'Chinese Partner' that 'successors always meet the needs of the times.' I think that the rise of modern oil mills may be the need of the times.



Li Da Ge's Oil Gourd Oil Mill can rely on the local rich oil crops to seize the green edible oil market and boldly expand its strategy. After talking about it, Big Brother Li said, 'Because you open a hotel to make money, you will go bold and focus on our original edible oil.' Near the end of the year, he also customized a lot of boxes, registered their own trademarks, as a new year, ready to enter the Shandong tourism market. Looking at Li’s enthusiasm, he believes his dreams are firm and powerful!

In this cold weather, Dr. Oil's oil press tour group also wishes all the non-stop oil doctors here, happiness is struggling! In 2018, I picked up my sleeves and cheered on them. I wish you a lot of money and good fortune! !