Hundreds of crickets compete for thousands of sails. The tide rises and the clouds fly full of eyes:

Dr. Xiwen Oil's oil press company passed the “Enterprise Credit Evaluation AAA Credit Enterprise”. Dr. Oil's oil press company has worked hard on the three levels of the oil press, nuclear 'core' research and development, creating a 'new' appeal, and doing the 'heart'. The crushing technology will be further broken, upgraded, and improved. The business of opening oil flats in various places has sprung up, which has made the support and trust of Dr. Oil's oil presses stand out. The honor is the determination of the strength of the enterprise, that is, it is definitely a spur, and the oil doctor will take the trend of 'hundreds of thousands of sails and thousands of sails and the clouds fly full of eyes', and then welcome the enterprise brilliant!

百舸争流千帆竞 潮起云飞满目新:油博士守“新”筑“信”!

To develop forever is inseparable from the word 'innovation', innovation is a measure of advanced products. In today's era of innovation, only by constantly mastering the magic weapon of technological innovation can we continue to lead the way to a higher stage in one field, in order to seize the initiative, in order to form a new consumer market. Products or companies that are not innovative will not survive.

From the high-speed train 'Harmony' to the 'Revival' leap; from the automobile field 'fuel car' to 'electric car'; from the communication tool 'ordinary mobile phone' to 'smart phone'; from the 'ordinary TV 'To the development of 'Internet TV'; from 'cash RMB' to 'scan code Alipay'; from 'online and offline internet economy' to 'the arrival of sharing economy', etc., innovative technology has become a support product company without exception. The core element of forward development.

百舸争流千帆竞 潮起云飞满目新:油博士守“新”筑“信”!

In the quality technology innovation, Dr. Oil presses the concept, pays attention to the level, realizes the multi-faceted breakthrough of pressing technology, forms a strong consumer competitiveness, and is automated, efficient, intelligent and effective, which greatly meets the urgent need to start the oil market. need.

1. Adhere to the nuclear “core”: Dr. Oil focuses on “making the oil press good”!

Enterprises pay close attention to a core, the core components of the machine is the key, to make a breakthrough in the pressing technology, the oil press is good, the user is satisfied, this is fundamental, a good oil press is a prerequisite. In order to innovate new products of competitive oil presses, relying on the technical guidance of the two old expert advisory groups of the company, in line with the design concept of high positioning and far-reaching, the bottleneck problem faced by the oil press is innovated, and precise technical research is carried out one by one. Dr. Oil's nuclear 'core' components have been technically upgraded and upgraded. The new test modules are accurately tested according to 1:1, and dozens of evaluations that lasted for half a year have formed the expected design effect goal of achieving satisfactory values. Multi-stage pressing is more effective.

2, the leather of the Ding 'new': oil oil press, into the new stage of crushing.

In order to meet the high-efficiency processing, the reversal affects the confusion of the production and processing efficiency of the majority of oil mills. Dr. Oil Oil Company aims to solve these technical bottleneck problems, boldly innovate and change, and on the basis of maintaining the traditional taste of the tunnel, the new generation of oil press technology system is upgraded and upgraded: upgraded to blade type filter refining equipment, and Obtained national patents; upgraded to automatic circulation type hot and cold oil press equipment, and obtained national patents; compared with each other, the rapid application of innovative technology, the new product crushing effect and efficiency further improved, making oil oil press The new model is moving towards a new stage of pressing!

百舸争流千帆竞 潮起云飞满目新:油博士守“新”筑“信”!


3, advocacy put 'heart': high user satisfaction. Dr. Oil became the “CCTV7 Agricultural Channel Reassuring Agricultural Machinery Advocacy Brand”.

Dr. Oil's oil press adheres to the spirit of enterprise innovation in which innovation breakthroughs and upgrades are consistent with the terminal demand, and continuously innovates the high degree of automated assembly lines, making the advanced oil presses effectively meet the actual processing needs of oil users in the use of market users. Create tangible economic benefits for them. Up to now, Dr. Oil's oil press innovation has won more than a dozen patented technologies, becoming the oil press that consumers trust, and is the brand's oil press in the minds of consumers. In 2017, it was evaluated by CCTV7 Agricultural Channel to reaffirm the brand of agricultural machinery.

Dr. Oil adheres to the golden key of “Innovation and Zhiyuan”, and firmly builds a wall of “quality and credibility”, winning the hearts of Dr. Wanqian oil users!