Relying on Dr. Oil, he once again climbed the pinnacle of life.

In the hot summer days, out of curiosity about the entrepreneurship of Mr. Chen Haijun, the owner of Kunming Island Bridge Spring Fresh Oil Factory, a few days ago, the author and his party saw on the streets of Guandu District, Kunming, that a young girl and a young man are busy in an orderly way, taking oil for customers for a while. I will collect the money for a while, and then I will go to the oil press.

People who come to press oil and buy edible oil have talked about it: 'Chen Haijun is a young man who is really capable. A foreigner from Fujian has done such a big business in Yunnan. He has opened ten chain stores, and many things have been done. In the hands of personally, it is not good at all, and there is no shelf for the boss. It is really hard to come by, and it will definitely have a great future!

依靠油博士 他再次登上人生巅峰

Chen Haijun is a native of Quanzhou, Fujian. After graduating from high school 10 years ago, he directly went to the relatives who are doing building materials business in Yunnan. They may not believe it. A newly graduated doll is hard to master in less than three years. From the most basic stone processing to business negotiation to the whole process of shipping and collecting money, thanks to the hot scene of the real estate market at the time, his building materials business really did a good job, but somehow, facing the daily He is not happy with the credit.

In this way, until the end of 2014, the real estate industry has been seriously shrunk in the local area. The building materials city where he is located has slowly lost its former glory, and most of the original friends have gone their separate ways. He knows that it is time to open up a new battlefield, or that he has started market research more than a year ago...

依靠油博士 他再次登上人生巅峰

People who say business are quick-thinking, flexible, and not fake. At the end of 2013, Chen Haijun began to discuss the business philosophy of not putting eggs in a basket. He began to discuss the establishment of an industry with the expansion of business channels. Second, increase industrial income, and then reduce the risk of single industry operations. To ensure that your business path is safe.

Hard work pays off, one day in March 2015, when Chen Haijun watched the local TV program when he was bored, he saw the Yunnan entrepreneurial model, the TV interview of Yunnan Hengkuan Agricultural Technology CEO, and the deep processing of agricultural products and the equipment they used. He is impressed, food is healthy and everyone pays attention to it, and it is also a national strategy. Especially the market potential of the current market for edible oil is huge, and it is definitely worth a fight. Yunnan, Sichuan and other places are rich in rapeseed and other oil crops. The processing of raw materials is not a problem, the local can meet the supply. After a total, he decided to open a steel mill in Guandu District immediately, through the combination of the current squeeze and the processing of raw materials, so that everyone can eat. Safe and nutritious oil.

依靠油博士 他再次登上人生巅峰

When I waited, I said that I would do it; the couple visited the districts of Kunming and some of the towns and towns below in the shortest time. They basically understood the market situation of the oil mill and the purchasing skills of the oil press and its auxiliary equipment. After repeated comparisons for a week or so, they came to the Kunming branch of Dr. Oil with confidence. They were received by Dr. He, the Kunming branch of Dr. Oil. After learning about the needs of the couple, Mr. He introduced the details in detail. Oil and oil mill management technology and the purchase channels of oilseeds, peanuts and other oil materials. A few days later, Chen Haijun satisfactorily purchased the oil tanker and other auxiliary equipment, and officially launched the second industry of the couple.

Because of the preparation and savvy business mind, plus the purpose of their business: clean and not fake! The couple's Shiqiao Spring Oil Mill was opened to the present, and the oil that was squeezed out was favored by local people in all aspects of color, fragrance, taste and healthy nutrition, which caused a lot of concern. “Chen Boss’s rapeseed oil and peanut oil processed by the island’s spring oil mill are pure and bright, and the price is also cheaper than that of the supermarket. When the oil on the site is so clean, we believe that the oil it squeezes must be Ok, let's say that we have all watched the whole process of oil pressing. There is really no added, and the quality is of course trustworthy, so we all like to buy cooking oil here.

'Auntie Li Suzhen, who is in the suburbs of Guandu, praised the oil of the Navy. The days passed, and with the growing popularity of the Island Bridge Spring Oil Mill, the operation has become more and more smooth. So far, Chen Haijun has opened in the nearby town. There are 10 chain stores of the island bridge spring oil mill.

依靠油博士 他再次登上人生巅峰

Talking about the success of this venture, he said: 'The second venture is really hard, but fortunately, with the accumulation of the original store management experience, it is nothing to bear some pain and suffering in the early stage. I finally defeated everything. It can be said that a sheep was lost in the early stage, and a cow was earned back later by the oil dredger.

Here, I also want to say to my friends who are on the road to entrepreneurship or on the sidelines: the direction of entrepreneurship (industry choice) and the determination of business objectives are very important. These two pairs can save a lot of time and cost, and thus shorten the distance of success. ! But the secret of running the oil mill is: clean, advanced equipment, superb technology (good oil yield), never adulterated!