Dr. Oil's new oil press is on the market! Enjoy the autumn carnival!

Dr. Oil - the wolf in business! !

The hot summer is slowly leaving us, and the autumn girl walks into our lives with a light footstep. Autumn is a fruitful and fruitful season. Dr. Oil has accompanied you through every spring, summer, autumn and winter! Today, Dr. Oil's new oil press is on the market, let us feel the feast of the new product carnival of Dr. Oil's oil press!

[Oil] - all say 'Spring rain is as expensive as oil', and now 'oil is like ginseng';


'Spring rain is as expensive as oil', which means that it is impossible to ask for anything, especially valuable. 'Oil' is called 'paste' or 'fat'. As the saying goes, 'No water is not available in one day,' but 'no oil in one day,' it is said that life needs oil. 'Materia Medica' once recorded that 'the raw material is good, if it is steamed and fried, it can be used to eat and burn the ear'. It can be seen that the ancient people have different techniques for crushing vegetable oil crops such as flax, rapeseed, peanuts and soybeans. Exquisite.

With the rapid progress of human society and the rapid development of science and technology, while inheriting the traditional “existing ecology” of ancestral traditional pressed oil, Dr. Oil insists on innovation and adapts to the new situation necessary for entrepreneurs to process a large amount of processing. Solid new products and new requirements of the Qing Dynasty, developed new oil press products required by the market, to meet the needs of all kinds of entrepreneurs, while retaining the original taste of the original, and the advancement of the machine, took the A common step in the industry. Nowadays, under the environment of paying attention to healthy health consumption, “consumption of pressed oil, can live ninety-nine” has become a jingle in people's mouth, “pressing oil like ginseng”, and having the reputation of “spring rain is as oily”, and this is attributed to advanced Dr. Oil Press!

[Bo] - learn from others, with 'goods' as the road;

Dr. Oil's oil press has been working hard on “professional” and “extremely professional”, paying attention to feedback from all users and respecting the reasonable ideas of each technical service personnel. The head of the new product project and the new and old R&D team of the oil doctors, day and night to overcome the next technical problem, innovate a new technology highlight, sum up the experience, highlight the key points of the appeal, seize the process of upgrading the oil press processing, out The technology of large oil, clear and bright, efficient and fast technology has made the extraordinary listing of new products today.




[Shi] ——Shen Nong Business School, all the people are entrepreneurs;

Everyone has a dream, and an entrepreneurial dream is part of the Chinese dream. No matter which industry you are engaged in, Shih Nong Business School can be called a national entrepreneurship, start a business for your own life, and start a business for happiness. Dr. Oil focused on serving the whole people, and Dr. Oil's oil press is simple, efficient, and service-oriented. All-round processing and production of various oil crops, the opening of oil mills, is the first choice for oil presses to become rich.

At present, on the market, “fresh oil mills, oil mills, original edible oil supermarkets, township plus “oil” stores, and special pure oil mills” are not in the business, and they have flexible operations and considerable sales revenue. 'Maybe entrepreneurship can't make you a hero, but you don't start a business. If you don't act, you must be a husband! Heroes are always born on the stage, and ordinary people are always in the audience!' Dr. Oil press, never do ordinary people! Look at the wolves in the entrepreneurial army, oil Dr. oil press, to give you better!